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MOOBEX stands for Multimedia Out-Of-Box EXperience. It is a test suite of multimedia samples designing to testing an operating system's multimedia capabilities when that OS is in its freshest state (just after it has been installed).


The MOOBEX testing procedure has been designed to be repeatable by anyone who cares to test, and to be consistently applied to other operating systems that may not already be covered by any existing MOOBEX reports. The standard procedure is as follows:

  • Perform a fresh installation of an operating system, either on a physical machine or virtual session. Choose all default options during installation.
  • Make a cursory pass through all the media samples, selecting the media via the default file chooser, or navigating to the media via default web browser.
  • During the first pass, do not elect to install any additional programs to handle media.
  • Make notes about what programs are in charge on playing a bit of media, research what programs are actually behind them (Some Linux distributions will rename certain esoterically named open source programs with friendlier, more accessible names).
  • For the second pass, allow the distribution to install special handler programs; document what was installed during the second pass.

Current MOOBEX Reports

Sample Suite

The MOOBEX samples have been chosen to represent various epochs from the dawn of computer multimedia up to the present. In order to mitigate copyright issues surrounding samples, the MOOBEX suite uses a lot of promotional materials such as movie and video game trailers. While not necessarily free of copyright, promotional materials tend to be less problematic.

For pure audio samples, MOOBEX uses a song ripped from a CD entitled OpenMusic: "Free Music For A Free World" In particular, the sample chosen for this exercise is track 5: Maxwell Strait's "Inside" which is licensed under the green OpenMusic license.

This suite is maintained by Multimedia Mike (email address is listed on his user page). Email him with questions or complaints.


  • Testing Adobe Flash: go to; play any video
  • Testing free, embedded video: go to the bottom of this Wikipedia page and play one of the Ogg/Theora/Vorbis samples at the bottom of the page:


Found at:

  • 1997 Star Wars re-release movie trailer. Earliest epoch of movie trailer. Container: QuickTime; video: Cinepak; audio: raw PCM
  • 1999 Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace. Container: QuickTime; video: Sorenson Video 1; audio: IMA ADPCM
  • 2005 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Container: QuickTime; video: Sorenson Video 3; audio: QDesign 2
  • 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Container: QuickTime; video: H.264; audio AAC 5.1.
  • maxwell-strait-inside-aac.m4a: "Inside", encoded in a manner that is generally associated with Apple's iTunes. Container: QuickTime; audio: AAC stereo.


Found at:

  • coolgirl.wmv: Trailer for Konami's Cool Girls game, a.k.a. Cy Girls. Container: ASF; video: WMV1; audio: WMA2.
  • metalgearsolid-thetwinsnakes.wmv: Trailer for Konami's Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Container: ASF; video: WMV2; audio: WMA2.
  • rumbleroses-trailer.asf: Trailer for Konami's Rumble Roses. Container: ASF; video: WMV3; audio: WMA2.
  • maxwell-strait-inside-wma2.wma: "Inside", transcoded into Microsoft's Windows Media Audio. Container: ASF; audio: WMA2.


Found at:

  • maxwell-strait-inside.mp3: "Inside", encoded as an MP3 file.
  • ttt-ps2jpnintro.mpeg: Intro for Tekken 3 Tournament. Basic MPEG file.

Common internet formats

Found at: . These are formats that are not generally associated with any of the major multimedia players but are prevalent on the internet anyway.

  • supercastlevania4-timeattack-philandgenisto-10MB-XVID-MP3.avi: Tool-assisted speedrun for SNES Super Castlevania 4; first 10 megabytes. Container: AVI; video: XVID; audio: MP3.
  • WarIII_Trailer1024-10MB-DIVX-MP3.avi: First 10 megabytes of Warcraft III trailer. Container: AVI; video: DIVX; audio: MP3.
  • supermetroid-tasv3-cpadolf,herooftheday-10MB-h264-mp3.avi: Tool-assisted speedrun for SNES Super Metroid; first 10 megabytes. Container: AVI; video: H.264; audio: MP3.


Found at:

  • yoga-rv13-28_8.rm: Container: rm; video: RealVideo 1.3; audio: 28.8 codec.
  • Dolby7.5fps1-rv20-cook.rm: Container: rm; video: RealVideo 2.0; audio: Cook.
  • sample-rv30-cook.rm: Container: rm; video: RealVideo 3.0; audio: Cook.
  • Blade2-rv40-cook.rm: Container: rm; video: RealVideo 4.0; audio: Cook.
  • girls-just-wanna-atrc.rm: Container: rm; audio: ATRAC.
  • girls-just-wanna-cook.rm: Container: rm; audio: Cook.

Free formats

Found at:

Legacy formats

Found at: . These are formats that do not see much current use but are occasionally encountered in older portions of the internet.

  • Happy Xmas from Lara Croft.avi: Container: AVI; video: Cinepak; audio: PCM.
  • maxwell-strait-inside-30sec-pcm.wav: The first 30 seconds of "Inside", raw. Container: WAV; audio: PCM
  • maxwell-strait-inside-30sec-pcm.aiff: The first 30 seconds of "Inside", raw. Container: AIFF; audio: PCM


  • audio CD: What does the OS do when a normal audio CD is inserted?
  • unencrypted DVD: What does the OS do when an unencrypted DVD is inserted?
  • encrypted DVD: What does the OS do when an encrypted DVD is inserted?