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aacs discussion

for anyone interested in why i removed it as a proposal:

[01:08] <j-b> kierank: who spoke about aacs?
[01:08] <Compn> aacs is on the libav gsoc page
[01:08] <j-b> why?
[01:08] <j-b>;a=shortlog
[01:08] <j-b> it works perfectly fine
[01:09] <j-b> Compn: connect libaacs to ffmpeg? this is stupid. libbluray does that.
[01:10] <Compn> j-b : well that aacs task was written a year or two ago ... just copied to new one
[01:10] <j-b> this is totally stoopid
[01:10] <Compn> feel free to delete it off gsoc page
[01:11] <Compn> there isnt a mentor for it anyhow
[01:11] <j-b> integration ffmpeg of libbluray is a 10hour task, at most
[01:11] <j-b> and it gives you libaacs for free
[01:11] <Compn> theres already a patch...
[01:11] <j-b> it does not give bd+
[01:11] <Compn> i just didnt know how it all worked when i suggested it years ago
[01:11] <j-b> which is _important_
[01:11] <kierank> libbluray in ffmpeg does make some sense
[01:12] <Compn> ok removed from wiki
[01:12] <Compn> everyone happy? :)
[01:12] <Compn> i dont want to duplicate libaacs
[01:13] <j-b> now, I would suggest libbdplus SoC