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Steven Zakulec is said to have tested every single sample in the MPlayer repository against FFmpeg. Occasional samples tester & bug filer.

---Notes from uncommon audio codecs list---
(This will get refined and moved into the main wiki shortly.)

--How to read--
the audio codec as reported in the uncommon_audio_codec.txt is the folder name. If it says all fine, it means all samples (up to 5) played fine in FFplay.  If FFmpeg doesn't show the same codec tag, I've included that as well.  If there was an issue (audio, or in some cases video) I noted that as well.

audio samples:
0x0003- all fine, pcm_f32le
0x0004- link is dead
0x0005- play fine, nellymoser
0x0006- plays fine, nellymoser
0x0032- msgsm, not playable by ffplay.  
0x0038 not playable-  Natural MicroSystems VBXADPCM codec
0x0055 -now shows as mp3 audio, plays fine
0x0057- AMR-NB (should be playable in latest svn)
0x0074- VoxWare, tries to use
0x00ff- aac audio, fine
0x0111- doesn't play, vivo video- Vivo G.723/Siren Audio Codec
0x0112- doesn't play, vivo video- Vivo G.723/Siren Audio Codec
0x0163- doesn't play, Windows Media Audio Lossless V9
0x0215- doesn't play- Ulead DV ACM
0x0216- doesn't play- Ulead DV ACM
0x0402- doesn't play- Indeo Audio
0x1100736d- adpcm_ima wav
0x1104- doesn't play- Lernout & Hauspie CELP and SBC codecs
0x4143- says AAC, nothing plays; claims 7.1 channels
0x414c- empty folder
0x5000736d- mp2, plays fine
0x55005354- doesn't play, video broken (wmv1), gnrc data- 
0x0674f- doesn't play- is actually Vorbis- must be forced (ffplay can handle it w/ -f ogg)- according to TwoCC, mode 1 Ogg Vorbis
0x6750- doesn't play- is mode 2 Ogg Vorbis (can be played with ffplay -f ogg)
0x6751- doesn't play- labelled as mode 3 Ogg Vorbis- can't be played
0x6771- doesn't play- TwoCC says Ogg Vorbis mode 3+
0x706d- says AAC, doesn't play- paired with h264- only ut3_for_redpax_with_love.avi plays
0x7a21- doesn't play- 0x7A21 GSM-AMR (CBR, no SID)
0x7a22- doesn't play- 0x7A22 GSM-AMR (VBR, including SID)
0xfffc- doesn't play, video is VDOW- possibly h263 based.  Audio should be from 1998 or earlier.
0xfffe- Loko-Passe_de_Pedros-Nantes_vs_Psg-1994.mpg doesn't play- clip has this metadata: 
MEncoder 1.0pre6-3.3.5- look for current codec pack from then- hopefully the audio codec is there
, themes.avi does- picked up as pcm_f32le
adpcm_ct: all play
adpcm_ima_dk3- doesn't play.  Loud static plays for 5 seconds, then nothing.  The TwoCC says MS GSM 723.1, but I can't get it to play.
adpcm_swf- all play
atrc- 050913.ram says unsupported video codec (rv20) but plays
other files have rv20 messages as well
dca- audio track 6 shows as 0x0000- should be 0162- wma3
drms- audio most likely DRM'd 1st track same as above, crashed ffplay; 2nd track doesn't play, no messages

fl32- & pcm_f32le doesn't play

fl64- plays fine

imc- rx620(new).avi plays, but [imc @ 0x8921330]Read coefficients failed sq=    0B  
 and sounds drops out

mace3- plays fine

mp1- plays fine.

pcm_s24le: plays fine
pcm_s32be- plays fine
pcm_s32le- plays fine
pcm_u16le- empty folder
qclq- doesn't play

qdmc- doesn't play strange errors has dslv video (doesn't play)

real288- da.rm doesn't play
sawb- doesn't play
spxn- doesn't play, includes ZyGoVideo Pro

str1- doesn't play
truespeech- plays fine
wma3- doesn't play, no video
wmav1- plays fine
xovs- no audio or video
i think xovs is Xiph Ogg VorbiS, the video track of that file is XiTh (Xiph Theora). --Compn 11:26, 20 December 2008 (EST)