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Dashcloud merged the list, thanks! --Compn 16:45, 1 October 2007 (EDT)
now merge this one! :)
0x0000	Microsoft Unknown Wave Format	0x0084	Motion Pixels MVI MV12
0x0001	Microsoft PCM Format	0x0085	DataFusion Systems G.726
0x0002	Microsoft ADPCM Format	0x0086	DataFusion Systems GSM610
0x0003	IEEE Float	0x0088	Iterated Systems ISIAudio
0x0004	Compaq Computer VSELP (codec for Windows CE 2.0 devices)	0x0089	Onlive
0x0005	IBM CVSD	0x0091	Siemens Business Communications SBC24
0x0006	Microsoft ALAW (CCITT A-Law)	0x0092	Sonic Foundry Dolby AC3 SPDIF
0x0007	Microsoft MULAW (CCITT u-Law)	0x0093	MediaSonic G.723
0x0008	Microsoft DTS	0x0094	Aculab 8KBPS
0x0010	OKI ADPCM	0x0097	ZyXEL ADPCM
0x0011	Intel DVI ADPCM (IMA ADPCM)	0x0098	Philips LPCBB
0x0012	Videologic MediaSpace ADPCM	0x0099	Studer Professional Audio AG Packed
0x0013	Sierra Semiconductor ADPCM	0x00A0	Malden Electronics PHONYTALK
0x0014	Antex Electronics G.723 ADPCM	0x0100	Rhetorex ADPCM
0x0015	DSP Solutions DIGISTD	0x0101	BeCubed Software IRAT
0x0016	DSP Solutions DIGIFIX	0x0111	Vivo G.723
0x0017	Dialogic OKI ADPCM	0x0112	Vivo Siren
0x0018	MediaVision ADPCM	0x0123	Digital G.723
0x0019	HP CU codec	0x0125	Sanyo ADPCM
0x0020	Yamaha ADPCM	0x0130	Sipro Lab Telecom
0x0021	Speech Compression SONARC	0x0131	Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.4800
0x0022	DSP Group True Speech	0x0132	Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.8V3
0x0023	Echo Speech EchoSC1	0x0133	Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.G.729
0x0024	Audiofile AF36	0x0134	Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.G.729A
0x0025	APTX	0x0135	Sipro Lab Telecom ACELP.KELVIN
0x0026	AudioFile AF10	0x0140	Dictaphone G.726 ADPCM
0x0027	Prosody 1612 codec for CTI Speech Card	0x0150	Qualcomm PUREVOICE
0x0028	Merging Technologies S.A. LRC	0x0151	Qualcomm HALFRATE
0x0030	Dolby Labs AC2	0x0155	Ring Zero Systems TUBGSM
0x0031	Microsoft GSM 6.10	0x0160	Windows Media Audio V1 / DivX audio (WMA)
0x0032	MSNAudio	0x0161	Windows Media Audio V2 / DivX audio (WMA) / Alex AC3 Audio
0x0033	Antex Electronics ADPCME	0x0200	Creative Labs ADPCM
0x0034	Control Resources VQLPC	0x0202	Creative Labs FastSpeech8
0x0035	DSP Solutions Digireal	0x0203	Creative Labs FastSpeech10
0x0036	DSP Solutions DigiADPCM	0x0210	UHER informatic GmbH ADPCM
0x0037	Control Resources Ltd CR10	0x0216	Ulead DV ACM
0x0038	Natural MicroSystems VBXADPCM	0x0220	Quarterdeck
0x0039	Roland RDAC (Crystal Semiconductor IMA ADPCM)	0x0230	I-link Worldwide ILINK VC
0x003A	Echo Speech EchoSC3	0x0240	Aureal Semiconductor RAW SPORT
0x003B	Rockwell ADPCM	0x0250	Interactive Products HSX
0x003C	Rockwell Digit LK	0x0251	Interactive Products RPELP
0x003D	Xebec Multimedia Solutions	0x0260	Consistent Software CS2
0x0040	Antex Electronics G.721 ADPCM	0x0270	Sony ATRAC3 (SCX, same as MiniDisk LP2)
0x0041	Antex Electronics G.728 CELP	0x0300	Fujitsu TOWNS SND
0x0042	Microsoft MSG723	0x0400	BTV Digital (Brooktree digital audio format)
0x0043	IBM AVC ADPCM	0x0401	Intel Music Coder (IMC)
0x0050	Microsoft MPEG-1 layer 1, 2	0x0450	QDesign Music
0x0052	InSoft RT24 (ACM codec is an alternative codec)	0x0680	AT&T Labs VME VMPCM
0x0053	InSoft PAC	0x0681	AT&T Labs TPC
0x0055	MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3)	0x1000	Olivetti GSM
0x0059	Lucent G.723	0x1001	Olivetti ADPCM
0x0060	Cirrus Logic	0x1002	Olivetti CELP
0x0061	ESS Technology ESPCM / Duck DK4 ADPCM	0x1003	Olivetti SBC
0x0062	Voxware file-mode codec / Duck DK3 ADPCM	0x1004	Olivetti OPR
0x0063	Canopus Atrac	0x1100	Lernout & Hauspie codec
0x0064	APICOM G.726 ADPCM	0x1101	Lernout & Hauspie CELP codec
0x0065	APICOM G.722 ADPCM	0x1102	Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x0066	Microsoft DSAT	0x1103	Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x0067	Microsoft DSAT Display	0x1104	Lernout & Hauspie SBC codec
0x0069	Voxware Byte Aligned (bitstream-mode codec)	0x1400	Norris Communication
0x0070	Voxware AC8 (Lernout & Hauspie CELP 4.8 kbps)	0x1401	ISIAudio
0x0071	Voxware AC10 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 8kbps)	0x1500	AT&T Labs Soundspace Music Compression
0x0072	Voxware AC16 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 12kbps)	0x181C	VoxWare RT24 speech codec
0x0073	Voxware AC20 (Lernout & Hauspie CBS 16kbps)	0x1FC4	NTC ALF2CD ACM
0x0074	Voxware MetaVoice (file and stream oriented)	0x2000	FAST Multimedia AG DVM (Dolby AC3)
0x0075	Voxware MetaSound (file and stream oriented)	0x674f	Ogg Vorbis (mode 1)
0x0076	Voxware RT29HW	0x676f	Ogg Vorbis (mode 1+)
0x0077	Voxware VR12	0x6750	Ogg Vorbis (mode 2)
0x0078	Voxware VR18	0x6770	Ogg Vorbis (mode 2+)
0x0079	Voxware TQ40	0x6751	Ogg Vorbis (mode 3)
0x0080	Softsound	0x6771	Ogg Vorbis (mode 3+)
0x0081	Voxware TQ60	0xFFFE	Extensible wave format (or Ogg Vorbis)
0x0082	Microsoft MSRT24 (ACM codec is an alternative codec)	0xFFFF	In Development / Unregistered
0x0083	AT&T Labs G.729A