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* Extension: thp
* Extension: thp
* Company: [[Nintendo]]
* Samples: http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/game-formats/thp/
* Samples: http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/game-formats/thp/
* Technical Description: http://www.gc-linux.org/docs/yagcd/chap15.html#sec15.34
* Technical Descriptions:
** http://www.amnoid.de/gc/thp.txt
** http://www.gc-linux.org/docs/yagcd/chap15.html#sec15.34

THP is apparently a [[Motion JPEG]]-type format found on [[Nintendo GameCube]] DVDs.
THP is an [[FMV]] format found on [[Nintendo GameCube]] DVDs. The files contain unescaped [[Motion JPEG]] data and a custom [[ADPCM]] coding format for sound.

[[Category:Game Formats]]
[[Category:Game Formats]]

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THP is an FMV format found on Nintendo GameCube DVDs. The files contain unescaped Motion JPEG data and a custom ADPCM coding format for sound.