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;I have embedded avi subtitles, help!
;I have embedded avi subtitles, help!

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:*use this tool to convert a sub to a 3d sub
:*use this tool to convert a sub to a 3d sub
; I want to watch two subtitles at the same time
:*use this script to merge the subtitles:

===General Questions===
===General Questions===

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This page will attempt to list all of the frequent questions we get in the #mplayer irc channel on

Official MPlayer Frequently asked Questions:

MPlayer Wikibooks:

Feel free to add your questions/answers here, and include important error messages. or if you don't have an account, ask to update this page.

Please try to get the latest version of mplayer. a lot of the times, a problem is fixed already. problems sometimes occur when the file you are playing is newer than your mplayer version :)

MPlayer information

Where is mplayer's config?
  • usually in ~/.mplayer/config
  • on windows its in the mplayer directory where mplayer.exe is. for example c:\mplayer\mplayer.exe the config is c:\mplayer\mplayer\config
  • input.conf, codecs.conf, mencoder.conf and gui.conf can go there as well.
  • you can find where mplayer looks by using mplayer -v somefile

my docs/man does not have the feature you are talking about!

the video filters (-vf) can be used with mplayer and mencoder.
-ass works with mencoder, but its somewhat tricky to use.
this seems only to work with external subs (extract your subs first!) mencoder d:\SAMPLE.AVI -sub test_02.ass -vf fixpts=fps=24000/1001,ass,fixpts -ass -nosound -ovc lavc -o out.avi

switches can be put into the config.
-fs becomes fs=yes or fs=1 or fs=ja (or a few more different ways to say yes/no)
-nodouble becomes nodouble=yes

options have the 'no' prefix, to disable defaults or configs.
-fs/-nofs -double/-nodouble -framedrop/-noframedrop

gmplayer will not let you change gui.conf while it is running. close gmplayer first, then change gui.conf

when will you release the NEXT VERSION of mplayer?
  • when the svn is stable and the mplayer team gets some time to build the package.

if you do not like using email to report bugs to mailing list, you can report bugs to

Questions from #mplayer channel:


How do i increase the subtitle font size?
Hi, im using a Mplayer windows gui. Is there a way to make subtitles smaller? mpui its named
  • subfont-text-scale=3 in config or mplayer -subfont-text-scale 3 file

None of the "freetype" commands in man work when I attempt to use -subfont-autoscale or -subfont-text-scale .
It says:
unknown option on the command line or
Cannot load bitmap font: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/truetype/msttcorefonts/Arial.ttf
  • install freetype/truetype and recompile mplayer

I recompiled mplayer and now it doesn't complain about -subfont-autoscale or -subfont-text-scale.
Unfortunately, they don't do anything
  • symlink any ttf font to ~/.mplayer/subfont.ttf or
  • specify a font, mplayer -font /dir/somefont.ttf -subfont-text-scale 3 file.avi

Is it normal that a subtitle disappear after 7 seconds, not at the end of the time specified in the subtitle file? or help! some subtitles are missing
  • try -overlapsub or -nooverlapsub

How do i expand the "area" so that the subtitles are lower on the screen/ put the subs in the black bars?
  • mplayer -vf expand=:-100::2

How do I view romanian subtitles?
  • -subcp cp1250
Greek subs
  • -subcp iso-8859-7

How to force SSA subtitles size to constant one
  • Try ass-force-style=FontSize=<value>.

For vobsub subtitles, is there anyway to change the font?

I want to show the time/filename over my video at all times
  • hack up a script to do something like 'create a subtitle file with the filename in it' then call mplayer -sub blah.sub file.avi . the subtitle file contains a timestamp for the whole length of the movie with the filename as a subtitle. e.g. 0 999999 moviename-dvdrip.avi
  • patch for timestamp osd

I have embedded avi subtitles, help!

can i disable mkv subtitles from the command line / config file, as opposed to having to press 'v' when i start mplayer?
  • -nosub or -sid 999

hey all. I have some movies that are 3d sbs, and I want subtitles to appear on both halves (possibly in the same position)

I want to watch two subtitles at the same time

General Questions

Do win32 codec dll binaries work with 64bit mplayer
  • No, you have to use a 32bit mplayer binary/build

Hi, My cpu is too slow, help!
  • for mpeg1/2 or mpeg4 try adding -nodouble or mplayer -lavdopts lowres=1 -vfm ffmpeg will use half-res decoding to speed things up as well.
  • for H264 try mplayer -lavdopts skiploopfilter=all file.mkv
    • might cause artefacts like sudden color changes, in this case try e.g. "nonref" instead of "all"
Your computer is still too slow?
  • Try -lavdopts skipframe=nonref:skiploopfilter=all
  • This will skip many frames, but saves 50% CPU performance
  • if using -vo gl use -vo gl:yuv=2 or similar. For high FPS video (> 50 Hz) also try -vo gl:swapinterval=0 since the default limits FPS to well below monitor refresh.

i have a 3GHz core2duo with a pci Mystique 200 (MGA 1064SG), but playing 720p h264 in vo x11 is too slow.
  • really? if your c2d mobo does not have onboard video, then use -vf scale=640:480

Hi folks, is there a way to "tell" mplayer (not gmplayer) not to exit when a file has been played and then wait for some new input? via a fifo or whatever

Anyway to dump a dvd audio stream really fast?
  • mplayer -dumpaudio dvd:// -speed 90 -vc null -vo null -benchmark

I have a corrupt file that mplayer plays, how do i get a new "clean" version of the audio?
  • mplayer file -ao pcm

I have a widescreen lcd monitor and everything is stretched, help!
  • use -monitoraspect 16:10 or -monitorpixelaspect 1.125

How do I set the video window to double size when running mplayer from command line? Cannot find it in man file...
  • mplayer -xy 2

How to set video as wallpaper ?
  • mplayer -rootwin yourmovie (Only works with the x11, xv, xmga, xvidix, quartz, macosx and directx video output drivers.)
  • Gnome : gconftool-2 -s /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop -t bool false (to disable background)

Why can`t I increase the displayed image width my mplayer?
My image is small and black border / frame around tiny video, what gives?
  • mplayer -zoom or zoom=1 in config
  • but first try setting mplayer -vo xv or vo=xv in config

Fullscreen does not work right in a multi-monitor setup
  • try using mplayer -fstype none

I get errors playing h264 like these
[h264 @ 0xd96950]concealing 1840 DC, 1840 AC, 1840 MV errors or Error while decoding frame! what gives?
  • check your config and options for 'framedrop' and disable/turn it off. try also -noframedrop
  • its possible your file is incomplete, try md5sum against the original or rehash it using your torrent program.

I want a concise comparison of the various video outputs - say, their scores on performance measures - to help choose between em.
  • different vo's are faster/slower on different pc, drivers and video cards, its almost impossible to tell whats fastest for everyone.
  • use mplayer -nosound -benchmark file -vo (vohere) to test your video output speed
  • vdpau is fastest for nvidia, vaapi is fastest for intel and amd. the non gpu accelerated outputs like xv, gl, gl2, vidix, directx, macosx/quartz will usually be faster than vesa, fb, and mga.

Whats the best deinterlacing filter?

I want to seek in avi while they are downloading but -forceidx is too slow.
  • use mplayer -demuxer lavf to seek in broken/incomplete avi.

This error when trying to play an audio stream
Win32 LoadLibrary failed to load: avisynth.dll .
Is this DLL only available from a licensed windows install?
  • the file is most likely a playlist
  • try mplayer -playlist http://blah
  • also try wget it to make sure its audio and not some html page.

I want to play a DVD that's already on my hard drive with gmplayer.
  • gmplayer dvd:// -dvd-device /dir/vobfiless/

How do i position mplayer window?
How do i make mplayer start in the same spot every time?
  • see -geometry

How do i extract frames from videos?
How do i make thumbnails from videos?
How do i make a gallery of images from a movie?

this program is highly recommended, it uses ffmpeg and mplayer:

  • mplayer -vo jpeg -sstep 30 -frames 10 yourfile
  • add -vf scale=320:240 if you want smaller image size...
  • use -vf framestep if sstep does not work on your source.

I use mencoder to create videos from jpg files in a directory.
The problem is the files are 1-out.jpg 2-out.jpg ... mencoder gets the order wrong.
  • try wtih mf://%d-out.jpg

I'm having trouble viewing the Guadec 2006 talks, in Ogg Theora format, in mplayer.
Anyone try these before? My error seems to be
[theora @ 0x89ccef8]Missing extradata!Could not open codec.VDecoder init failed
  • use -demuxer lavf if you dont have mplayer compiled with libtheora
  • maybe also try -correct-pts

How to play raw ac3 files?
  • mplayer -demuxer rawaudio -rawaudio format=0x2000 file.ac3
  • format=0x2001 for dts
  • check codecs.conf for format= entries

All my files with AC3 audio are too quiet! I cant hear anything! How do i make it louder?
  • mplayer -af volume=10 will add 10 db.
  • see also -af volnorm

Is there a way to get mplayer/mencoder not being to much verbose?
  • mplayer -quiet
  • mplayer -really-quiet

xine or videolan can play my file but mplayer cannot!
  • try mplayer -demuxer lavf file
  • make sure mplayer and the other program are using the same audio and video output
  • make sure the other program is not locking the audio/video output (by closing other multimedia programs first (also make sure artsd is not locking /dev/dsp (use lsof | grep -i dsp)))
  • if xine plays the file ok, but mplayer stutters, try mplayer -autosync 30 file

How do i change mplayer speed but keep pitch the same?
  • mplayer -speed 1.5 -af scaletempo

I want to play a bin, cue, mdf, mds, nrg, iso or other audio cd image?
My operating system does not have a way to mount the image.
  • mplayer file.nrg -demuxer rawaudio -rawaudio format=0x1

does mplayer stop gnome-power-manager so it won't turn my screen off?
  • -heartbeat-cmd "gnome-screensaver-command -p"

How can i get total frame count from mencoder/ffmpeg/mplayer?
  • mplayer -v file.avi -nosound -frames 0 | grep -i frames
  • (slow) mencoder -nosound -ovc frameno -vc null -o /dev/null input.avi
  • (slow) ffmpeg -i input.avi -an -vcodec copy -f avi -y NUL
  • (slow) mplayer -vo null -benchmark -nosound input.avi

i want to play movies in black and white / grayscale but -lavdopts gray isnt working and -hue -100 -saturation -100 does not work on my video output!
  • mplayer -eq2=1:1:0:0
  • mplayer -vf format=y8,scale

Non-mplayer problems

I want to distribute the win32 codecs, is it legal for me to do so?
  • yes
  • no
  • depends on your country :)
  • See Mike Melanson's answer to this question
  • Unless Microsoft explicitly gives you permission within the End-User License Agreement (EULA) or License Terms that accompany the Products and Services and/or in the guidelines below, you may not copy, modify, distribute, display, license, or sell any Products and Services or components contained in them. from Microsoft Permissions.
  • Microsoft grants you the right to reproduce, install and use a reasonable number of copies of the Client OS Components on computers at your premises that are each running a validly licensed copy of the Client OS Software. from the eula.txt inside one of the codec downloads at microsoft's site.
  • the mpeg4 license for ms codecs is for individuals only:

Help! When i play a file over the network i get desync and cpu is at 100%, but if i play it locally its fine!
  • are you using a ne2000 clone NIC? (Realtek cards like RTL8019 or 8029 or 8039). they use some cpu when transferring data.
  • check the ethernet howto for tips and try to decrease your tcp window size.

How to include mplayer in a java application or program or library?
Having adjusted the hue/contrast previously, what's an easy way to set them all back to neutral?

I get a 'process input error' with some wmv files and mplayer plays all blocks.
  • its probably a drm protected file
  • run strings -n19 yourfile.wmv and if a url comes out, its drm.
  • if you can play the file on windows you can remove the drm using freeme2 project (other, possibly outdated tools include: fairuse4wm (FU4WM), drmcreep, automateundrm, sidda, drmdbg, drm2wmv).

I want to play and record tv video at the same time with mencoder.
How do I pipe mplayer/mencoder output to stdout?
  • mplayer devs reccomend using mkfifo (named pipe) instead of stdout.
  • mencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l:width=324:height=248:outfmt=rgb24:device=/dev/video0:adevice=hw.1,0 -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128 -flip -ovc lavc -lavcopts threads=2 -o >( tee filename.avi | mplayer -)

How can I play movie in rar?
  • unrar p -inul movie.part01.rar |mplayer -noidx -

How do I extract the mpeg file/s from a vcd or bin/cue files?
  • windows: vcdgear available at (works on linux too but it's not open source)
  • linux: use vcdxrip like so vcdxrip --bin-file=blah.bin , or just vcdxrip in a writeable directory if extracting from an actual disc. vcdxrip is part of the vcdimager package
How do I play a vcd .bin file with mplayer? i cant get sound to work.
  • mplayer BSVCD.BIN -demuxer lavf -lavfdopts format=mpeg -aid 1

I want to get images from videos by frame number or frame range, not by time.
  • transcode -c 0-100 will encode 100 frames starting at frame 0 up to frame 99
How do i dump Closed Captioned ( mpeg-ts cc ) in real time from my atsc qam tuner?
cat /dev/dvb/adapter0/dvr0 | tee pipe1 > pipe2 | paste pipe1 > $(date+%F_%H%m)-CBS-HD-cat.mpeg | zvbi-atsc-cc --atsc -e ~/.azap/channels.conf -m -c CBS-HD -T < pipe2
I cant access a web radio stream due to firewall or i want to listen to a radio station on my phone

Build questions/crashes

mplayer doesn't compile anymore since svn rXXXXX
  • Before reporting problems, please retry after a make distclean.

how do i compile an older version of mplayer? it always checks out fresh copies of libavcodec!
  • svn up --ignore-externals -r {2009-12-31} . libavutil libavcodec libavformat libpostproc libdvdread4 libdvdnav
Anyone know how to play mp4 files with sound? I can only see video but no audio.
  • check mplayer output for helpful messages.
  • Requested audio codec family [faad] (afm=faad) not available. Enable it at compilation.
  • your mplayer was not compiled with faad support. recompile it after installing libfaad package.

Hi, playing a 3GP file, I get "Cannot find codec 'amr_nb' in libavcodec". How can I solve this please

Help I get this crash X11 error
BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation)?,?% 0 0
MPlayer interrupted by signal 6 in module vo_check_events or this error
"X11 error: BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)" using an intel card
  • add Option "LinearAlloc" "8192" to xorg.conf (under Device section) and restart X

How to setup XvMC ?
  • Get xmvc dev lib (libxvmc-dev) and compile MPlayer with --enable-xvmc
  • If the resulting mplayer executable was linked against the xvmc wrapper library, point /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XvMCConfig (or /etc/X11/XvMCConfig or both) to your /lib/* (, if you don't have an NVIDIA, but an intel graphics controller), for example : echo "" > /etc/X11/XvMCConfig
  • mplayer -vc ffmpeg12mc -vo xvmc yourmovie.mpeg2
  • NB : works only with mpeg2 and mpeg.

I get this error when playing files, whats up?
Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
Compiler did not align stack variables.
Libavcodec has been miscompiled and may be very slow or crash.
This is not a bug in libavcodec, but in the compiler.
Do not report crashes to FFmpeg developers.
  • gcc3x mis aligns the stack, use gcc4

mplayer saya
error opening/initializing selected video_out device and -vo x11 does not help!
  • run mplayer -vo help and see if x11 is listed
  • use a different mplayer package if its not listed
  • recompile mplayer after getting hte x11-devel or libxv or x11 header files.

mplayer doesn't compile with live555 library
  • Do NOT use --enable-live
  • Do NOT report errors on mailing lists if you use --enable-live

526: error: can't find a register in class 'GENERAL_REGS' while reloading 'asm'
  • On x86, you can't compile mplayer after configuring with --enable-debug, because cabac.h in libavcodec can't be compiled with all optimizations when debugging is turned on.
  • Three possible solutions:
  1. Don't configure with enable-debug
  2. Use -fomit-frame-pointer: Copy the line beginning with "cc" ending with "-c -o h264.o h264.c" (from make output immediately above the error) and add "-fomit-frame-pointer": This might affect debugging for h264.o
  3. Don't compile the optimized code: Add "#undef HAVE_EBX_AVAILABLE" to libavcodec/cabac.h

Mencoder questions

I try to add subtitles to my video with mencoder but nothing happens, here is my mencoder command
mencoder file.avi -sub -oac copy -ovc copy.
  • you cant use -sub or -vf with -ovc copy, try -ovc lavc instead

Why is encoded video always at a lower bitrate than specified?
  • try using vqmin lavc option
  • it may mean that the encoder is using all possible bits to encode the video and it's not possible to go any higher

Hi, I am looking for a way to automatically convert ogg to mp3 I must give a directory and have everything in converted is it possible to achievve such a thing with mplayer ?
  • use aconvert found in mplayer source TOOLS/aconvert .

I'm converting some video and i get bad desynch!
  • try adding -noskip and/or -mc 0
  • also look at -vf harddup

I want to transcode/encode a Variable Frame Rate(VFR) video stream, such as a .ASF/.WMV .
  • When converting a VFR to a Constant/Stable Frame Rate, we must provide the desired FPS target, The most appropriate one would be an average FPS of our source, we will use this cmd to find it out:
  • mencoder file.wmv -ovc copy -nosound -o /dev/null -endpos 100
  • When its done, the sum of frames and seconds duration will be printed, we divide the (Frames / Seconds), and this is our estimated average FPS, we may use it in the following cmd:
  • mencoder file.wmv -o file.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vbitrate=500 -oac mp3lame -lameopts cbr:br=128 -vf harddup -ofps 25
  • While "-ofps 25", Is where we input the framerate we previously calculated.
  • (You must keep harddup,ofps. Do not use: fps,noskip. You may change: ovc,oac,lavcopts,lameopts)
How do i record video from my webcam?
  • mencoder tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:fps=90:device=/dev/v4l/video0 -nosound -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mjpeg -o cooking.avi
I am trying to use mencoder to make an mp3 file into a video using a single image as the resulting video
The duration of the audio file should be known.
e.g. duration=132.8 seconds
mencoder mf://file.jpg -ovc lavc -oac copy -audiofile song.mp3 -fps 1/132.8 -ofps 30 -o finished.avi
I am trying to encode files to use with openoffice presentation and nothing works!
cinepak works in openoffice with JMF support
mencoder input.avi -ovc vfw -xvfwopts codec=iccvid.dll -oac pcm -o out.avi

Streaming Questions

Help i cant access nsv streams!
  • the server only allows winamp user agent
  • -user-agent "Winamp NSV Player/5.12 (ultravox/2.0)"

rtsp:// rm streams are soooo slow! even with -dumpstream!
  • -bandwidth 1000000

I cant play some rtsp:// mov urls. but vlc can!
  • you might be behind a firewall or router where udp does not work. try -rtsp-stream-over-tcp

how do i play a multicast stream with mplayer?
  • first, set up your igmp profile. on linux this is done using sysctls. you have to use the proper version of igmp which your network design supports (sysctl -a | grep igmp helps)
  • second, add a routing entry to your routing table. (to expect the traffic from the proper interface (if you've got more, of course))
  • then mplayer udp://mcastaddress:port will play the stream

Encoding to PSP/iPod/Other Devices

  1. -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=aac produces better streams for embedded devices than -oac faac
  2. or using ffmpeg

how do i make videos for my ipod? or other video device?

MEncoder PSP AVC profile (put in ~/.mplayer/mencoder.conf ) by predatorfreak :

profile-desc="PSP AVC encoding profile."

  • for Symbian 9.1/S60 - Nokia E70 (thanks Honeyman)

mencoder $SOURCE_FILENAME -ofps $FPS -o temp.vid -of rawvideo -oac copy -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=400 -vf scale=$SCALE
mencoder $SOURCE_FILENAME -ofps $FPS -o temp.aac -of rawaudio -ovc frameno -oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=aac:abitrate=96
mp4box -new -add temp.vid -add temp.cmp -fps $FPS -brand mp42 -isma $OUTPUT_FILENAME
For $SCALE, "352:264" works for 4:3 movies, and "352:200" works for 16:9


This section links to external patches that add interesting features to mplayer/mencoder.

Developer / Unstable repositories or Forks

  1. Uoti's mplayer2 fork git repo.
  1. Gianluigi's patchset for his win32 builds.
  1. Otvos Attila's large patches for mplayer including dvd menus, osd menu, video mixing etc.
  1. Mika's mplayer git repo.
  1. SMPlayer patches

Hardware Acceleration Patches

  1. VA-API
  1. Nvidia VDPAU

Distribution Patches

  • Pardus:
  1. svn branch
  2. stable branch
  3. upcoming 2008 branch
  • Mandriva:
  • ALT Linux
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Gentoo
  • Busybox
  • Zaurus


-af lame for mplayer to output mp3 using lame.

stereoscopic support to -vo gl

ocr support to mplayer for reading hard subtitles into soft subs.

vf overlay for overlay text/video on mplayer video.

ability to change subtitle/osd size while playing.

support to play youtube urls

vo matrixview

startup volume

zattoo ztv patch



tv:// support for win32

patch to support binary codec coreavc (fast h264 decoder with multiple cpu support)

vf coring filter

virtualdub plugin support

vf deblendlogo

Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) PMP filedemuxer

Color management filter that transform between colorspaces using ICC profiles.

mms seek patch (other mms improvements too)

Simple Bash / Perl / Python Scripts

Complaints/Known Bugs

some complaints/known bugs about mplayer and mencoder

  • -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr/vbr causes desync in videos
  • -dumpstream and -endpos or -frames dont work together
  • cant save/encode video and play at the same time with one mplayer/mencoder instance
  • playlists require -playlist switch (mplayer should detect playlists!)
  • cant edit gui.conf while gmplayer is running
  • opening multiple files causes multiple gmplayer/mplayer instancess
  • -cache affects -ss accuracy

Capture cards and Webcam command lines

MPlayer can be hard to use for devices, its not very userfriendly in automatically guessing working options. below is an incomplete list of working lines for specified hardware. if you use mplayer with a webcam and it requires some odd options, please list it here.

  • 3com Homeconnect USB webcam (on windows) : mplayer tv:// -fps 30 -tv driver=dshow:outfmt=bgr32 -vf flip
  • Trust webcam: mplayer -nosound -tv driver=v4l2:device=/dev/video1:width=352:height=288:buffersize=1024:fps=25 tv://