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(Add less common AAC decoder features)
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== Less common AAC decoder features ==
Add support to the AAC decoder for object type AAC LTP, ER AAC LC, or AAC LC 960.


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This page tries to collect some useful patches for FFmpeg that didn't make into SVN for some reason or another.

native Zlib decoder by Mans Rullgard

In the same thread, there are patches to use the native decoder in several FFmpeg decoders.

WMV3 encoder by Denis Fortin

Apple RPZA encoder by Todd Kirby

Test Pattern Generator Demuxer by Nicholas George

Test Pattern Generator Demuxer by Ramiro Ribeiro Polla Or

PES packetizer by Xiaohui Sun

Part of the work of Summer Of Code TS Muxer

vf_imlib2: a libavfilter filter by Víctor Paesa

"mem" file protocol by Lagrange Multiplier

The "mem" protocol simply uses RAM as a source for input multimedia data, akin to how the "file" and "pipe" protocols use filesystem files and pipes as sources.

Presets/profiles for usual targets by Panagiotis Issaris

Allow to keep in a text file groups of command options, and apply them at once by specifying the target name.

Handy for iPod, PSP, or any other picky multimedia player that otherwise requires lengthy command lines.

AMV encoder

See this post [1] to see what is missing to get it into SVN.

Experimental MSVC port by Ole André Vadla Ravnås

OAH Build System

Old page bazaar branch at

Patch at

H264 encoder by Jori Liesenborgs & Panagiotis Issaris

DTS/AC3 in wav autodetection Clean up this patch and also add detection of AC3 in wav, it is similar. Samples for both can be found here:

Chinese AVS video encoder by Stefan Gehrer

Lossless msmpeg4v3 to mpeg4 transcoder

Fixed point cook decoder

fixed point wma decoder Rockbox's fixed-point WMA decoder was adapted from the decoder in libavcodec.

GDI screen grabbing for Win32

There are two implementations in the thread above.

Proper parsing of DTS-HD MA streams

G.729 decoder by Vladimir Voroshilov

MS Video 1 encoder by Kostya Shishkov

LucasArts SMUSH demuxer and decoder by Kostya Shishkov

MPEG-4 ALS encoder by Justin Ruggles

libaacplus and FFmpeg encoding patch

Bayer RGB decoder

Chromium security patches

Security/stability patches from Google's web browser

Framebuffer input device by Giliard

Cedric's alpha blending routines

The blending routines should be moved to libavfilter where they seem to belong.

WTV demuxing patch by Peter Ross