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Chinese AVS is a set of standards like MPEG. It consists of:

AVS1-P1 (System for broadcast)

The Samples are said to be in this format, but they are basically MPEG PS files.

AVS1-P2 (Video for HD - JZ an ZQ profiles)

FFmpeg contains a LGPL-licensed decoder for the JZ profile and a patch for a matching encoder has been posted to the FFmpeg development mailing list. GPL video decoders for the JZ profile are available from and the OpenAVS project on SourceForge. Reference software can be found at This video codec has many similarities to H.264 while avoiding the most complex features like CABAC or MBAFF.

AVS1-P3 (Audio, 2 and 5.1 channels)


Recently China announced a new effort to start its own High Definition disc format, called CBHD. This includes AVS DRM and video specification according to news sources

AVS1-P8 (Video for mobile)

AVS1-P9 (File format)

The Windows transcoder is said to produce files in this format, but the resulting files are basically of ISO 14496-12 format.


For now only the AVS1-P1 and AVS1-P2 JZ profile are standardized, other parts are still in the works.