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The FFmpeg project has been a participant in the Google Summer of Code program during the 2006 and 2007 seaons.

Each accepted project is developed in its own sandbox, separate from the main FFmpeg codebase. Naturally, the end goal of each of the accepted FFmpeg projects ought to be to have that code in shape for acceptance into the production codebase. This page tracks the status of each project.

2006 Projects

VC-1 Decoder

AMR Decoder

  • Student: Robert Swain
  • Mentor: Benjamin Larsson
  • Status: Unfinished, but slowly progressing. Narrow band decoding documented on AMR-NB and floating point code has been implemented up to gain decoding.

AC3 Decoder

AAC Decoder

  • Student: Maxim Gavrilov
  • Mentor: Oded Shimon
  • Status: unfinished, orphaned

Vorbis Encoder

  • Student: Mathew Philip
  • Mentor: Oded Shimon
  • Status: The student disappeared, but picked up by Oded Shimon and committed to FFmpeg.

2007 Projects

RealVideo 4 Decoder

  • Student: Kostya Shishkov
  • Mentor: Mike Melanson
  • Status: Not in FFmpeg codebase yet; project goal has also morphed to include RealVideo 3 decoder since the 2 schemes are so similar. Both RV30 and RV40 are decodable with visual artifacts.

QCELP Decoder

Matroska Muxer

  • Student: David Conrad
  • Mentor: Aurélien Jacobs
  • Status: Accepted into the FFmpeg codebase.

Video Filter API (AKA libavfilter)

E-AC3 Decoder

  • Student: Bartlomiej Wolowiec
  • Mentor: Justin Ruggles
  • Status: Working for most available samples. There are still some unimplemented features though. The code is currently not clean enough for inclusion in FFmpeg.

JPEG 2000 Encoder and Decoder

  • Student: Kamil Nowosad
  • Mentor: Loren Merritt
  • Status: The code is working but not all features are supported.

Dirac Encoder and Decoder

  • Student: Marco Gerards
  • Mentor: Luca Barbato
  • Status: The decoder is in good shape, the encoder still needs more work. Marco is still working on it and tracking the updated specification, just slower than before due to other tasks taking priority.

TS Muxer

  • Student: Xiaohui Sun
  • Mentor: Baptiste Coudurier
  • Status: Changes requested during the review process for FFmpeg inclusion were never made, then the student disappeared.