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This is an auto-categorized lists of known video FourCCs. Sometimes, the FourCC only contains 3 ASCII characters. In these cases, the fourth character is generally a space (ASCII 0x20).

Here's a list of missing ones, which are documented under RLE:

  • BI_RGB 0x00000000
  • RGB 0x32424752
  • BI_RLE8 0x00000001
  • RLE8 0x38454C52
  • BI_RLE4 0x00000002
  • RLE4 0x34454C52
  • BI_BITFIELDS 0x00000003
  • raw 0x32776173
  • RGBA 0x41424752
  • RGBT 0x54424752

You can find a list of Video For Windows FourCC tags on the talk page Category_talk:Video_FourCCs

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