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Bram Stoker's Dracula for the Sega CD video game console, developed by Psygnosis and published by Sony, uses a custom FMV format with the extension .vid. All multi-byte numbers are big-endian. The general FourCC chunk format is as follows:

 bytes 0-3   chunk type
 bytes 4-7   chunk size (not including 8-byte chunk preamble)
 bytes 8..   chunk payload

A VID file starts with the following 12-byte ASCII signature: 'FORMPSYGxxxx'. Following the signature is a SANM chunk. This chunk has a 0x46-byte payload, the contents of which are all unknown. The next chunk is a SPAL chunk which is most likely a palette chunk. This always seems to have a 0x82-byte payload.

The remaining chunk types are SAUD, SBIT, and SMAP. A SAUD chunk contains a block of sign-magnitude 8-bit PCM audio. Video frames apparently consist of a SBIT chunk followed by a SMAP chunk. SMAP chunks are always the same size throughout a given file. SBIT chunks are variable size and are probably Sega Genesis tile maps in some format, while SMAP chunks define how to put the video data together.