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Do you know if this codec has any relation vith the Vivo Siren audio codec (fourcc 0x112) ? Vivo siren should be based on G723

--rxt 07:47, 15 October 2006 (EDT)

Taken from (I'm KaKaRoTo-KS) :

 Oct 15 01:03:37 <reynaldo>	thats not the same as vivo siren isnt it ?
 Oct 15 01:03:47 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	don't know
 Oct 15 01:04:07 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	I know they are many codecs named 'siren'
 Oct 15 01:04:27 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	siren7, and siren14 (for the 7KHz and 14KHz freqs)
 Oct 15 01:04:34 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	G722.1 is also named Siren
 Oct 15 01:04:41 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	but this one is different
 Oct 15 01:04:54 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	Microsoft... they changed the specs to make it incompatible with the G722.1 specs
 Oct 15 01:05:07 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	I've just set up this page :
 Oct 15 01:05:12 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	it tells about the few diffs found
 Oct 15 01:07:12 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	reynaldo,  seems not the same, vivo has a 2CC of 0x0112, this one is 0x028E, but it's probably the same base everywhere
 Oct 15 01:08:07 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	+vivo == G723.1 ... 
 Oct 15 01:10:06 <reynaldo>	you know, from what you wrote there, im really wondering if ACT its somewhat related
 Oct 15 01:10:53 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	ACT ?
 Oct 15 01:11:15 <reynaldo>	yup, some weird codec s1mp3 based players use for voice recordings
 Oct 15 01:12:00 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	the codec is in sirenacm.dll, it's shipped with MSN Messenger, and it's used for the "Voice clips" feature
 Oct 15 01:17:24 <reynaldo>	can you send me an small siren encoded sample ?
 Oct 15 01:40:04 <KaKaRoTo-KS>	reynaldo,  found anything of interest ?
 Oct 15 01:42:49 <reynaldo>	well, realized they are not the same :)
 Oct 15 01:42:51 <reynaldo>	sadly
 Oct 15 01:42:52 <reynaldo>	:D

That's about all I know... if you have a dll implementing vivo siren, I can take a look at it and tell you if the code structure looks the same or not, that could give us the answer.

--KaKaRoTo 16:18, 15 October 2006