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Part of the .ra headers can be used in RM files for audio codec description (some new codecs like ralf, or even mp3 in rm, uses their own mimetype != realaudio so they have no .ra header).

I'll extract the common part or .ra when i'll rite thr RM audio part, and then i'll also version 5 details (mostly are unknown ignored bytes) --rxt 08:31, 25 February 2006 (EST)

real player plugins

list of plugins and attempt to find samples:

Formats supported by optional plug-ins

website dead, cant find.

make samples with trial ebeam presenter software?

samples nil, website = dead

no idea

  • Liquid Audio (*.la, *.lmsff, *.lqt *.lavs *.lar *.la1 ) |title=RealPlayer supports Liquid Audio | |date= |accessdate=2009-07-16

streaming only?

sample at RVTR

.ipx files in samples/image-samples

streaming only?

  • RAX - RealMedia Streaming File