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Original: bytes 28-31 video frames per second bytes 32-35 image format

Suggested: bytes 28-35 video frames per second in a/b format (real number)

  bytes 28-31 a
  bytes 32-35 b

I noticed numbers like: 6025/201 2997/100 Both are very close to 30 (a usual framerate for videos)

There is another error in the optional audio header: Original: bytes 44-45 audio channels (1 or 2) bytes 46-47 unknown

Suggested: bytes 44-45 unknown (but somehow related to samplerate) bytes 46-47 audio channels (1 or 2)

  • The framerate correction is indeed right. --VAG 19:23, 25 December 2006 (EST)

I'm not sure the audio sample rate is quite correct. I get slightly strange values like 44000 (logo_lucas.bik) and 22500 (AnivisionLogo.bik) on some of the samples provided, although I get sensible ones like 44100 (original.bik) on others... I'm not an audio expert by any means, but it seems strange that these values are so close to multiples of common audio sample rates and yet not equal to them. --DrV 00:25, 6 January 2007 (EST)

Isn't it 22050? That would be half of 44100 :) And probably because it is mono. I could be mistaken...

  • Yes, 22050 and 44100 would be the ones I'd expect to see, but some of the files contain ones close to those but not equal. --DrV

logo_legal.bik (from the samples) has no audio (according to the headers), yet it seems its frame data doesn't start with 0 dwords. --User:Avenger teambg