Portable Sound Format

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  • Extensions: PSF, PSF2, USF, GSF, 2SF, DSF, QSF, SSF

Portable Sound Format (PSF) is a game audio music format. The different extensions correspond to music programs extracted from different types of game systems:

  • PSF: Sony PlayStation
  • PSF: Sony PlayStation 2
  • USF: Nintendo 64
  • GSF: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • 2SF: Nintendo DS
  • DSF: Sega Dreamcast
  • QSF: Q-sound
  • SSF: Sega Saturn

A set of PSF files usually represents all of the music from a particular games. A set of music features 1 of 2 topologies:

Individual files: Each file stands on its own.

  • song1.psf
  • song2.psf
  • ...
  • songN.psf

Shared library: There is 1 or more shared libraries and a sequence of smaller files which reference the shared libraries.

  • gamemusic.psflib
  • song1.psf
  • ...
  • songN.psf