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  • Company: Nikita
  • Extension: NAV

Nav is a container used by Russian game developer and publisher Nikita. The format is essentially remuxed AVI since it uses standard VfW structures and codecs.

Container format

Container consists of header, seek table (20-byte entries for each frame) and actual frame data. Frame data is stored without any additional headers and should be fed to the corresponding decoder.

All values are little-endian.

Container header:

 4 bytes - "Navi"
 4 bytes - number of audio frames
 4 bytes - audio chunk size (in bytes)
 4 bytes - total audio size (in bytes)
 4 bytes - total number of frames
 4 bytes - video codec FOURCC
 4 bytes - unknown
 40 bytes - BITMAPINFOHEADER for video stream
 4 bytes - unknown
 4 bytes - unknown
 4 bytes - unknown
 18 bytes - WAVEFORMATEX for audio stream
 2 bytes - unknown
 [standard RGBQUAD palette is present]

Video codec FOURCCs are the standard ones, usually for Indeo 3 or Microsoft RLE. FPS can be determined from audio chunk size and sound parameters.

Frame seek table entry:

 4 bytes - audio data offset
 4 bytes - video data offset
 4 bytes - flags (4 - keyframe, 2 - audio present, 1 - video present)
 4 bytes - video data size
 4 bytes - audio data size

Games using this format

Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles