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FILM files are used in a shareware Amiga game called Murder. The format appears to encapsulate frames consisting of IFF data. The files are created using a program called AGMSMakeFilm.

From the original description:

 The file format is taken from the IFF standard.  Unfortunately, it is a
 part of the standard that few people use because of its complexity.
 Basically, the film is a LIST containing the frames (cells) of the
 animation.  The LIST specifies shared properties for all the contained
 objects (namely, the screen size and sound speed).  Each frame within
 the LIST is implemented as a CAT object (concatenation).  The CAT holds
 a FORM ILBM for the image part of the frame and a FORM 8SVX for the
 sound track portion that goes with the image.  So, programs like
 AGMSPlaySound that can handle fancy IFF structures work but most others
 will guru because they recognize it as IFF and then use buggy (probably
 untested) LIST and CAT reading code.  One final note, I'm using a
 special type of LIST that requires that all the frames (CAT chunks) are
 all exactly the same size and have the audio and video parts in the same
 relative positions.

Root chunk is FILM list, containing some PROP chunks and CAT chunks. PROP contain file metadata (like program version, OS and machine), ILBM and 8SVX headers for the following frames. CAT chunk contains chunks with ILBM and 8SVX BODY chunks in nested FORM chunks.