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Medialooks is a software development firm focused on audio/video software development kits for the Windows platform. The company's products are mainly used in the areas of broadcasting and digital signage.

The company sells a range of developer products such as DirectShow filters and multimedia components that are wrappers over the DS technology.

The company’s DirectShow expertise is based on a proprietary ATL-based DirectShow SDK, which is a more sophisticated replacement for Microsoft’s DirectShow Base Classes.

Another proprietary technology is MultiGraph Technology, which, similar to GMF Bridge, allows management of multiple graphs in a DirectShow application.

One of the best-selling products is MediaLooks QuickTime DirectShow Source which is a DirectShow wrapper for Apple’s runtime that allows to integrate QuickTime media within DirectShow with very little development effort. The QuickTime Source is available as a developer version and is free for a number of media players.

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