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Based on which in turn is based on:

The dates have been further corrected based on Philip's patent disclosures for VCD<ref name=VCD></ref> and DTS <ref name=DTS></ref>

Number Filed Granted Expiration Name
US 5341457 20-Aug-1993 23-Aug-1994 20-Aug-2013 Perceptual coding of audio signals
US RE39,080 13-Aug-2002 25-Apr-2006 22-Sep-2014 Rate loop processor for perceptual encoder/decoder Reissue of 5627938 filed 22 sep 1994 granted 6 may 1997
Audio MPEG, Inc.
US 4972484 21-Jul-1988 20-Nov-1990 21-Jul-2008 Method of transmitting or storing masked sub-band coded audio signals
US 5214678 31-May-1990 25-May-1993 31-May-2010<ref name=VCD /> Digital transmission system using subband coding of a digital signal
US 5323396 21-Dec-1992 21-Jun-1994 24-Jun-2011<ref name=VCD /> Digital transmission system, transmitter and receiver for use in the transmission system
US 5481643 24-Apr-1995 2-Jan-1996 24-Apr-2015 Transmitter, receiver and record carrier for transmitting/receiving at least a first and a second signal component
US 5530655 6-Jun-1995 25-Jun-1996 25-Jun-2013<ref name=DTS /> Digital sub-band transmission system with transmission of an additional signal
US 5539829 7-Jun-1995 23-Jul-1996 23-Jul-2013<ref name=VCD /> Subband coded digital transmission system using some composite signals
US 5544247 25-Oct-1994 6-Aug-1996 25-Oct-2014 Transmission and reception of a first and a second main signal component
US 5606618 27-Dec-1993 25-Feb-1997 23-Jul-2013<ref name=DTS /> Subband coded digital transmission system using some composite signals
US 5610985 21-Jan-1994 11-Mar-1997 21-Jan-2014 Digital 3-channel transmission of left and right stereo signals and a center signal
US 5740317 30-Aug-1995 14-Apr-1998 30-Aug-2015 Process for finding the overall monitoring threshold during a bit-rate-reducing source coding
US 5777992 7-Jun-1995 7-Jul-1998 24-Jun-2011<ref name=VCD /> Decoder for decoding and encoded digital signal and a receiver comprising the decoder
US 5878080 7-Feb-1997 2-Mar-1999 7-Feb-2017 N-channel transmission, compatible with 2-channel transmission and 1-channel transmission
US 5960037 9-Apr-1997 28-Sep-1999 9-Apr-2017 Encoding of a plurality of information signals
US 5991715 31-Aug-1995 23-Nov-1999 31-Aug-2015 Perceptual audio signal subband coding using value classes for successive scale factor differences
US 6023490 9-Apr-1997 8-Feb-2000 9-Apr-2017 Selection of masked thresholds
US 6289308 8-Mar-2000 11-Sep-2001 24-Jun-2011<ref name=DTS /> Encoded wideband digital transmission signal and record carrier recorded with such a signal
Split from 6289308
US 7209565 23-Dec-2003 24-Apr-2007 24-Jun-2011<ref name=VCD /><ref name=DTS /> Decoding of an encoded wideband digital audio signal in a transmission (padding bit)
US 4821260 16-Dec-1989 11-Apr-1989 16-Dec-2007 Transmission system
US 4942607 3-Feb-1988 17-Jul-1990 3-Feb-2008 Method of transmitting an audio signal
US 5214742 1-Oct-1990 25-May-1993 1-Oct-2010 Method for transmitting a signal
US 5227990 17-Jan-1992 13-Jul-1993 17-Jan-2012 Process for transmitting and receiving a signal
US 5321729 26-Apr-1993 14-Jun-1994 26-Apr-2013 Method for transmitting a signal
US 5384811 24-Aug-1992 24-Jan-1995 24-Aug-2012 Method for the transmission of a signal
US 5455833 26-Apr-1993 3-Oct-1995 26-Apr-2013 Process for the detecting of errors in the transmission of frequency-coded digital signals
US 5559834 15-Apr-1994 24-Sep-1996 15-Apr-2014 Method of reducing crosstalk in processing of acoustic or optical signals
US 5579430 26-Jan-1995 26-Nov-1996 26-Jan-2015 Digital encoding process
US 5701346 12-Sep-1996 23-Dec-1997 12-Sep-2016 Method of coding a plurality of audio signals
US 5703999 18-Nov-1996 30-Dec-1997 18-Nov-2016 Process for reducing data in the transmission and/or storage of digital signals from several interdependent channels
US 5706309 2-May-1995 6-Jan-1998 2-May-2015 Process for transmitting and/or storing digital signals of multiple channels
US 5736943 31-May-1996 7-Apr-1998 31-May-2016 Method for determining the type of coding to be selected for coding at least two signals
US 5742735 25-Aug-1994 21-Apr-1998 25-Aug-2014 Digital adaptive transformation coding method
US 5812672 15-Dec-1994 22-Sep-1998 15-Dec-2014 Method for reducing data in the transmission and/or storage of digital signals of several dependent channels
US 5924060 20-Mar-1997 13-Jul-1999 20-Mar-2017 Digital coding process for transmission or storage of acoustical signals by transforming of scanning values into spectral coefficients
US 6009399 16-Apr-1997 28-Dec-1999 16-Apr-2017 Method and apparatus for encoding digital signals employing bit allocation using combinations of different threshold models to achieve desired bit rates
US 6185539 26-May-1998 6-Feb-2001 26-May-2018 Process of low sampling rate digital encoding of audio signals