Eurocom FMV

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  • Extension: fmv
  • Company: Eurocom Developments Ltd.

This is a simple cutscene format used at least in Machine Hunter game.

Header format (all values are little-endian):

 4 bytes   - "AFMV"
 2 bytes   - number of frames
 1 byte    - initial background value
 768 bytes - palette
 1 byte    - padding

The header is followed by frame data which starts with 32-bit frame size and 32-bit number of opcode quads. Opcode quad contains two pairs of (skip, run) values that tells how many quads of pixels should be skipped or read. The new pixel data follows the opcode quad. E.g. 10 01 05 00 02 03 04 05 means skip 16*4 pixels, output pixels 02 03 04 05, skip 5*4 pixels and output no new pixels.