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VP6 is a video codec used in various games published by companies under the Electronic Arts umbrella. The key and delta frame chunks contain a On2 VP60 bitstream.

Chunk Types

See Electronic Arts Formats for file format description.


Video header. The header is always 24-bytes long and has the following layout:

offset   data_type    description
0x0000   le_32        codec id (ignored at all, but occasionally seen to be set to 'VP60')
0x0004   le_16        width (pixels)
0x0006   le_16        height (pixels)
0x0008   le_32        frames count
0x000C   le_32        largest frame chunk size
0x0010   le_32        frame rate (denominator, rate)
0x0014   le_32        frame rate (numerator, scale)


Key-frame. See On2 VP60.


Delta frame. See On2 VP60.

Games Using VP6

See Electronic Arts Formats for listing.