Electronic Arts 1SNx

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1SNx is an audio stream format used in various games published by companies under the Electronic Arts umbrella.

Chunk Types

See Electronic Arts Formats for file format description.


The header chunk contains codec initialisation parameters. The byte-order varies for different platforms.

offset  type    description
  0     byte     Tag, 'EACS'
  4     int32    Sample rate (hz)
  8     byte     number of bits (1=8-bit, 2=16-bit)
  9     byte     number of channels
  10    byte     compression type
                   0 = Signed PCM (8-bit or 16-bit Little Endian)
                   1 = 8-bit mu-Law
                   2 = EACS ADPCM (IMA ADPCM Variant)
  11    byte     file type
  12    int32    number of samples
  16    int32    loop start
  20    int32    data start
  24    int32    unknown
  28    int32    unknown

The remainder of the header chunk contains codec-specific data.


Contains the codec-specific data.




Indicates end of the stream. Contains no data.