Yamaha ADPCM

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A variant of this codec is used by several Yamaha chips:

  • Y8950(MSX-SOUND)
  • YM2608(OPNA) [the external ADPCM channel only]

and may also be used on the following chips:

  • YM2610(OPNB) [the external ADPCM_B channel only?]
  • YMZ263B(MMA)
  • YMZ280B(PCMD8)

A (possibly slightly changed) variant is used on the sound chip of Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI:

  • Yamaha AICA Super Intelligent Sound Processor

The exact codec was also used by Yamaha SMAF MA-2 and onward):

  • MA-2 (YMU759)
  • MA-3 (YMU762)
  • MA-5 (YMU765)
  • MA-7 (YMU786)

The functionality of this codec is explained fairly extensively in two datasheets:

The codec is almost a reference implementation of the codec described in Jayant's 1973 paper [1] (Table VIII, 'DPCM' column, B=4). This paper, along with its companion paper [2] originally coined the term "ADPCM".