Winnow Video

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Winnov Video 1 (FOURCC: WNV1)

Another hardware codec like ATI VCR1, Indeo 2 or Video XL. It uses YUYV format and stores deltas with static code.

Codes used really are simple unary codes with following sign bit and 11111111 code used as escape.

Each component may be decoded this way:

 code = get_code();
 if(code == ESCAPE)
   newval = code;
   newval = oldval   (code << SHIFT);

SHIFT = 6 (may be another, but no samples with another value are known), ESCAPE = 15 (code for ESCAPE is mentioned above)

Winnov Video 2 (FOURCC: WINX)

This one is yet undiscovered, seems to be another MPEG or H.261 variant.