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VIV is a proprietary web audio/video streaming format used by the Vividas Player. The player, available for Win32, Mac OSX and Sun platforms, is distributed as native binary and installed on-demand via Java or ActiveX.

Developer blog: "Vividas is the company behind 'Vividas Player' (Suprise!) which is a video streaming platform (powered by VP6/VP7) which is very much like (to dumb things down) quicktime or Windows Media Player for streaming content, only with a twist. Its ultra fast, compact, installation-requiremente-requireded-no and very bandwidth efficient... The decoder - written in C/C++ with a healthy mix of ASM - is around 250-300Kb. Most of the internals is hush hush so I cant reveal much, but what is interesting is the uptake of broadband across the globe and the future prospects of HD-Quality video streaming and where this technology is headed" [1]

Actually the decoder is a 800kb DLL.

The player has support for Speex and Vorbis.

Layout of the file:

Size Meaning Default value
9 bytes Magic "vividas03"
3 bytes Unknown
1 byte Length of name field
x bytes Name field
Data here

External Resources

Extended company and product description is available on Wikipedia.

"Vividas Licenses TrueMotion VP7 for Mass Distribution of High Quality Video" January 13th, 2005

Vividas - Open Source Acknowledgement