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  • In the preamble section, does the movie size count the preamble itself or not?
  • Same for the video header: Does the size count the entire header?
  • More on sizes: All of the size fields should stipulate what the size includes; alternatively, if they follow the same rule throughout, make a blanket notice earlier in the page.

Sizes indicate the contained chunk data size without the FOURCC and size field. I added this to the document.

  • If the video header is always known to be a constant size, it maybe useful to note that size.

The video header size is not known for sure yet. I'll update the size when I find it out for sure. It would appear that the size is constant because video data always starts at offset 0x238 of the Bl16 chunk, although a definitive quantity for the codebook size is yet to be figured out.

  • Are the padding bytes always 0? It might be better to list them all as reserved/set to 0.

As far as I can see, this is irrelevant because all that matters is that the annotation is terminated with at least one zero character. A robust implementation would seek to the end of the annotation anyway and ignore the padding.

  • Do you know if the rle_decode() function is defined by the 'SRLE' tag in any way? I am working on that format for Humongous CUP.

Nope, the decompression method is specified only by the codec opcode. There are no "SRLE" tags in SNM.