Star Wars Dark Forces LFD

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  • Extension: lfd
  • Company: LucasArts
  • Samples: TBD

LFD is motion/animation format used in the [Star Wars: Dark Forces] game for IBM-PC.

The file format is chunk-based.

bytes 0-3    block type FourCC
bytes 4-11   block name (ASCII)
bytes 12-15  payload length (bytes)
bytes 16..   block payload

All multi-byte values are stored as little-endian.

Chunk Types

Files are found to begin with the RMAP chunk, followed by FILM, and then the other resource chunk.

  • RMAP: a random-access list of all chunks in file.
  • FILM: describes the film sequence using ANIM, CUST, DELT, END, PLTT, VIEW, VOIC commands.
  • PLTT: palette
  • DELT: background?
  • ANIM: video sequence?