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* FOURCCs: svq1 SVQ1
* FOURCCs: svq1, SVQ1, svqi
* Company: [[Sorenson]]
* Company: [[Sorenson]]
* Patents: US #5,844,612, "Motion vector quantizing selection system"
* Patents: US #5,844,612, "Motion vector quantizing selection system"

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SVQ1 presumably stands for Sorenson Vector Quantizer #1 codec. It is also commonly known as Sorenson Video 1. The codec uses mean removal and hierarchical adaptive multistage vector quantization for intracoded compression and mean removal combined with motion compensation for interframe compression.

SVQ1 data is transported within Apple QuickTime files. Apparently, the codec made its first appearance in Apple's QuickTime version 3. However, the codec quickly gained fame in early 1999 when Apple released version 4 of their QuickTime player and made movie trailers for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace available for download. The quality of the codec greatly surpassed Cinepak which had been widely used in the downloadable multimedia domain for a long time.