Sony Wave64

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Sony Wave64 (.w64) is a general audio container format.

Wave64 is an extension to WAV to support a basically limitless amount of samples, channels, bit depths, etc.

Like all other RIFF based formats, if a chunk's payload size is not even, it is padded by 1 byte to make it so.

it's chunk format is very similar to Wave's, except it's chunks are all lower case, and have been extended to 128 bits, with 96 bits of identifiable junk in order to be a GUID.

The ChunkSize field includes the size of the marker and it's own size as well.

Chunk Layout
Type Size
ChunkGUID 128 bits.
ChunkSize 64 bits.
ChunkPayload ChunkSize in bytes.
Known Chunk GUIDs
RIFF 66666972-912E-11CF-A5D6-28DB04C10000
LIST 7473696C-912F-11CF-A5D6-28DB04C10000
WAVE 65766177-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
FMT 20746D66-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
FACT 74636166-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
DATA 61746164-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
LEVL 6C76656C-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
JUNK 6b6E756A-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04f8EDB8A
BEXT 74786562-ACF3-11D3-8CD1-00C04F8EDB8A
MARKER ABF76256-392D-11D2-86C7-00C04F8EDB8A
SUMMARY LIST 925F94BC-525A-11D2-86DC-00C04F8EDB8A