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This page attempts to document the LucasArts Smush codec. The SANM codec document is complete; the SAN codec is still under (de)construction.

Samples from various games are located at and

Usage Matrix

Name Variant Video Codec Audio Codec
Rebel Assault ANIM v1    
Rebel Assault II ANIM v2    
Rebel Assault II demo ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 37  
Rebel Assault II trailer ANIM v2   PSAD
Full Throttle ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 37 PSAD
The Dig ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 37 IACT
The Curse Of Monkey Island ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 47 IACT
Outlaws ANIM v2    
Outlaws demo ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 47  
Grim Fandango demo ANIM v2 FOBJ Codec 47  
Grim Fandango trailer ANIM v2   IACT
Grim Fandango SANM Bl16 (blocky16) VIMA
Shadows of the Empire (PC) ANIM v2    
X-Wing Alliance SANM    
Star Wars Racer SANM + gzip (ZNM)    
Star Wars DroidWorks      
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine SANM    
Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith ANIM v2    
Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion      
Making Magic CDROM (not a game but still uses smush)      
Escape From Monkey Island   apparently has Smush headers but uses Bink  
Star Wars Episode 1: Insider's Guide SANM    
Jar Jar's Journey Storybook SANM    


Smush comes in two variants. FOURCC "ANIM" was used up until Grim Fandango, and this variant has two sub-variants: v1 (Rebel Assault only) and v2 (all others). FOURCC "SANM" was used from Grim Fandango up until its replacement by Bink, possibly in Escape From Monkey Island.