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Here are some memorable quotes gathered from various MPlayer and FFmpeg related discussions.

IRC Channels


<ods15>    btw, gcc took 900mb of ram and then segfaulted for me when i tried to compile a 30mb C file :P
<ods15>    that took about 20 minutes until it evantually gave out of mem error
<ods15>    i should probably just write my own compiler than can do it in 0.05s and no ram...
<ShadowJK> can tcc compile it :)
<ods15>    ShadowJK, heh i should've tried that
* ods15 just makes a sample file and tries now
<ods15>    ahem, it did it in like 3 seconds and no ram :P
<poirierg> great new ppl! I'm likely to get laid before linuxtag!
<poirierg> woops
<ods15>    ...
<poirierg> great new ppl! I'm likely to get laid out before linuxtag!
<dalias>   lol poirierg
<poirierg> budget cuts and stuff like that....
<dalias>   poirierg, oh
<dalias>   i read that as 'get laid'
<dalias>   and i was like wtf tmi
<ods15>    ja
<dalias>   the word is 'laid off' btw, not 'laid out'
<delewis>  haha.
<ods15>    so, wait, great?
<poirierg> okay, I'm getting laid off
<ods15> british is american with a sloppy accent, and much stupider curse words
<poirierg> cartman, you don't see smart girls if you only watch pr0n
<superdump> Welcome to ye Olde #mplayerdev Tavern. If yaoi 'n' free cola is what ye be lookin' far, we's got 'em! Yarr...
<dalias>    because you can't use x264
<superdump> why not?
<dalias>    because the decoder is slower than gabu trying to get a girlfriend
<dalias> h264 is like matroska
<dalias> yes mmatroska is better than avi but it sucks still
<dalias> hes h264 compresses better than mpeg4 but it sucks still
<dalias> and the question is: is 15% compression gain worth 500% performance drop?
<poirierg> do you know the difference between God and dalias ? ;)
<dalias>   god only tells you what's bad to do when you inhale from a burning bush
<dalias>   dalias tells you what's bad all the time
<reynaldo> i was once atacked by one of those beast
<reynaldo> i was 4 years old iirc
<reynaldo> those birds have almost 4 meters measured from the extremes of their wings
<reynaldo> i have some stories you wouldnt believe :P
<reynaldo> i dont remember meeting any chilean atacked by a condor besides me
<reynaldo> :P
<reynaldo> i was once biten by a black widow too :P extremely hard to find spider
<reynaldo> nature has been trying to kill me since the day i born!
<reynaldo> :P
<iive>     i though condors doesn't attack humans.
<reynaldo> they dont
<reynaldo> thats the weirdest part
<reynaldo> :P
<iive>     well, then there is only one explanetion. you are not human.
* iive runs
<reynaldo> :P
<reynaldo> who knows
<reynaldo> maybe the karaoke filter is just the begining of my world domination plan
<reynaldo> why dont you work with me improving the filter then ?
<poirierg> reynaldo, because I don't want to steel the paternity of your little toy
<reynaldo> thats not my boy
<reynaldo> everyone an his girlfriend facing the same problem solved it the same wahy
<reynaldo> we can make something neater
<reynaldo> :)
<poirierg> your are calling me to become the girlfriend of you audio filter?
<ods15> i'm waiting for someone to send me brains tommorrow, not much to do until then
<snacky> h264-in-mpeg is standardized since 2003. if hd-dvd does it differently it's because they're stupid ;)
<iive> they do. thay are


* KotH wants a point and click solution... w/o the click
<Micksa> I'm reading about motion compensation
<Micksa> some of this is serious voodoo
<Micksa> I love it :)
<dtm> you're a free software pimp, Commn
<Jan_> mplayer has a number of command line options that is large enough to overflow a 32-bit variable.
<iive> Commn: yeh.. usa people usually have problem with foregin languages like british, australian or canadian. :)
<CarlFK> how many gig is an hour of raw DV ?
<DogBoy> like from a porno?
<CarlFK> right
<DogBoy> just how raw are we talking
<CarlFK> right from the cam corder's firewire

Mailing lists


> btw, anyone has a copy of the ISO-english spec? ;)

Ok. :)

1. There isn't a spec, since the language hasn't been standardized. All
we have are numerous competing drafts written by independent,
non-authoritative organizations.

2. A large amount of existing English code, such as Shakespeare, is
unparseable by modern English speakers.

3. If an element of the language has been frequently misused over a long
enough period of time, such misuse often becomes acceptable.

4. An English speaker can be considered reasonably feature-complete even
if such speaker only recognizes a small subset of the language.

5. Certain keywords tend to cause internal compiler errors. Such
keywords are known as "profanity", and existing English speakers weakly
attempt to prevent recently-written speakers from being aware of them.

6. English is a highly context dependent. Many keywords, when used in
their own particular context, take on an entirely illogical meaning.
These "idioms" cause compilation errors, especially when an old speaker
is attempting to communicate with a new one.

7. ....

I could go on, but that's enough fun for now. :)
-- Michael Niedermayer and Corey Hickey in mplayer-cvslog at mplayerhq.hu


> All right, new screening process for prospective FFmpeg contributors:
> "Are you now, or have you ever been, a Microsoft Visual C++ user?"
> There's going to be scandal when the oversight committee investigates my
> employment history.
If you used msvc on your day job it doesn't count, as long as you really hated it.
-- Mike Melanson and Måns Rullgård in ffmpeg-devel at mplayerhq.hu
> patching file configure
> Hunk #1 FAILED at 914.
> 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file configure.rej
Ah, yes, the swift evolution of ffmpeg made the patch obsolete in 24h.
-- Måns Rullgård and Víctor Paesa in ffmpeg-devel at mplayerhq.hu