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Container format used to encapsulate ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus for use with Sony's portable players. Files ending with .omg are protected with the OpenMG DRM system.

The OMA file format contains a payload scrambled with a 32-bit value [1]. The format is known to carry MP3 and ATRAC3 audio. The metadata format is a variant of ID3v2 and uses standard ID3v2 frame types, such as TIT2, TPE1, TALB and TCON. In addition to these standard frame types, TXXX and GEOB frames contain OpenMG-specific metadata.

 TXX   OMG_TRACK  "track number (ASCII)"
 TXX   OMG_AGENR  "content description (ASCII)"
 TXX   OMG_ATPE1  "leader performer (ASCII)"
 GEOB  OMG_BLKSI  contains a metadata structure. observed strings include:
 GEOB  OMG_OLINF  binary blob