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  • Company: Dave Staugas
  • Extensions: .neo

Neochrome was an image drawing program for the Atari ST.

16-bit words are stored in big-endian order.

typedef neochrome_file {
 uint16_t flags;                      /* always 0 */
 uint16_t resolution;                 /* 0 = low (320x200x16), 1 = medium (640x200x4), 2 = high (640x400x2) */
 uint16_t palette[16];                /* 9-bit RGB 00000RRR0GGG0BBB */
 uint8_t filename[12];                /* 8 '.' 3 */
 uint16_t color_animation_limits;
 uint16_t color_animation_speeddir;
 uint16_t color_animation_steps;
 uint16_t x_offset;                   /* always 0 */
 uint16_t y_offset;                   /* always 0 */
 uint16_t width;
 uint16_t height;
 uint16_t reserved[33];
 uint16_t data[16000];
} neochrome_file;
  • Color animation limits

Bit 15 is set if animation data is valid. Bit 0-3 right/upper limit, bit 4-7 left/lower limit.

  • Color animation speed and direction

Bit 15 is set if animation is on. Least significant byte should be interpreted as a signed byte and defines the number of vertical blanks between cycles. If it's negative, the number of vertical blanks is |x|-1 and the direction is backwards.

  • Color animation steps

Number of steps to display before moving on to the next picture when the image is part of a slide show.

  • The image data is stored in a planar format.

Atarist lowres.png