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This format is similar to wav but not same.

Decoder is here: http://www.ila-ila.com/xvd-hist/sites/lab1454/eng/products/muzip1.jar


0..3 "RIFF"
4..7 unknown (file size? seems not)
8..11 "WAVE"
12..15 "fmt\0" (note: not space, it's null)
16..19 unknown (fmt\0 size? seems not)
20..21 unknown (format id? "0301". seems not)
22 number of channels
23 unknown (rest of number of channels?)
24..27 sampling rate
28..31 (byte per sec?)
32..33 (block size?)
34..35 (bit per sample?)
36..(\0) codec name ("CTP03", "CTP04", "CTP05", "CTP06")
42..43 unknown (rest of codec name or not?)
44 coefficients(compression ratio) (8-13 -> [8,12,15,16,24,10])
45 key frame
46 variable bitrate
47 reserved
48..51 unknown
52..55 "data"
56..59 total size