MP4 File Format Patents

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US Patent URL Owner Filed Granted What it covers
6134234 Apple, Inc. Jan/19/1999 Oct/17/2000 Hint track for streaming
6707944 ETRI May/02/2000 Mar/16/2004 graceful degradation of enhancement layers based on complexity estimate
6556207 France Télécom, société anonyme Mar/07/2000 Apr/29/2003 graphic scene animation from animation objects
6549206 France Télécom, société anonyme Jun/06/2000 Apr/15/2003 graphic scene animation
6075901 France Télécom, société anonyme Dec/04/1998 Jun/13/2000
6204854 France Télécom, société anonyme Dec/04/1998 Mar/20/2001 rotation on a unit cube
5844867 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. Sep/09/1996 Dec/01/1998
6091769 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Jun/11/1997 Jul/18/2000
6092120 Oracle America Jun/26/1998 Jul/18/2000 Java