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Based on which in turn is based on:

<ref name=VCD></ref> <ref name=DTS></ref>

US 534145720-Aug-199323-Aug-199420-Aug-2013Perceptual coding of audio signals
US RE39,08013-Aug-200225-Apr-200622-Sep-2014Rate loop processor for perceptual encoder/decoder Reissue of 5627938 filed 22 sep 1994 granted 6 may 1997
Audio MPEG, Inc.
US 497248421-Jul-198820-Nov-199021-Jul-2008Method of transmitting or storing masked sub-band coded audio signals
US 521467831-May-199025-May-199331-May-2010Digital transmission system using subband coding of a digital signal
US 532339621-Dec-199221-Jun-199424-Jun-2011Digital transmission system, transmitter and receiver for use in the transmission system
US 548164324-Apr-19952-Jan-199624-Apr-2015Transmitter, receiver and record carrier for transmitting/receiving at least a first and a second signal component
US 55306556-Jun-199525-Jun-199625-Jun-2013<ref name=VCD />Digital sub-band transmission system with transmission of an additional signal
US 55398297-Jun-199523-Jul-199623-Jul-2013Subband coded digital transmission system using some composite signals
US 554424725-Oct-19946-Aug-199625-Oct-2014Transmission and reception of a first and a second main signal component
US 560661827-Dec-199325-Feb-199723-Jul-2013Subband coded digital transmission system using some composite signals
US 561098521-Jan-199411-Mar-199721-Jan-2014Digital 3-channel transmission of left and right stereo signals and a center signal
US 574031730-Aug-199514-Apr-199830-Aug-2015Process for finding the overall monitoring threshold during a bit-rate-reducing source coding
US 57779927-Jun-19957-Jul-199824-Jun-2011Decoder for decoding and encoded digital signal and a receiver comprising the decoder
US 58780807-Feb-19972-Mar-19997-Feb-2017N-channel transmission, compatible with 2-channel transmission and 1-channel transmission
US 59600379-Apr-199728-Sep-19999-Apr-2017Encoding of a plurality of information signals
US 599171531-Aug-199523-Nov-199931-Aug-2015Perceptual audio signal subband coding using value classes for successive scale factor differences
US 60234909-Apr-19978-Feb-20009-Apr-2017Selection of masked thresholds
US 62893088-Mar-200011-Sep-200124-Jun-2011Encoded wideband digital transmission signal and record carrier recorded with such a signal
Split from 6289308
US 720956523-Dec-200324-Apr-200724-Jun-2011Decoding of an encoded wideband digital audio signal in a transmission (padding pit)
US 482126016-Dec-198911-Apr-198916-Dec-2007Transmission system
US 49426073-Feb-198817-Jul-19903-Feb-2008Method of transmitting an audio signal
US 52147421-Oct-199025-May-19931-Oct-2010Method for transmitting a signal
US 522799017-Jan-199213-Jul-199317-Jan-2012Process for transmitting and receiving a signal
US 532172926-Apr-199314-Jun-199426-Apr-2013Method for transmitting a signal
US 538481124-Aug-199224-Jan-199524-Aug-2012Method for the transmission of a signal
US 545583326-Apr-19933-Oct-199526-Apr-2013Process for the detecting of errors in the transmission of frequency-coded digital signals
US 555983415-Apr-199424-Sep-199615-Apr-2014Method of reducing crosstalk in processing of acoustic or optical signals
US 557943026-Jan-199526-Nov-199626-Jan-2015Digital encoding process
US 570134612-Sep-199623-Dec-199712-Sep-2016Method of coding a plurality of audio signals
US 570399918-Nov-199630-Dec-199718-Nov-2016Process for reducing data in the transmission and/or storage of digital signals from several interdependent channels
US 57063092-May-19956-Jan-19982-May-2015Process for transmitting and/or storing digital signals of multiple channels
US 573694331-May-19967-Apr-199831-May-2016Method for determining the type of coding to be selected for coding at least two signals
US 574273525-Aug-199421-Apr-199825-Aug-2014Digital adaptive transformation coding method
US 581267215-Dec-199422-Sep-199815-Dec-2014Method for reducing data in the transmission and/or storage of digital signals of several dependent channels
US 592406020-Mar-199713-Jul-199920-Mar-2017Digital coding process for transmission or storage of acoustical signals by transforming of scanning values into spectral coefficients
US 600939916-Apr-199728-Dec-199916-Apr-2017Method and apparatus for encoding digital signals employing bit allocation using combinations of different threshold models to achieve desired bit rates
US 618553926-May-19986-Feb-200126-May-2018Process of low sampling rate digital encoding of audio signals


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