Imagination Pilots Matte Animation

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  • Company: Imagination Pilots
  • FOURCCs: Ipma, Ip20, SUGR(?)

This is a simple LZW-based video codec with transparency pixels and delta frames. The LZW format according to [1] is the same as in GIF but without any additional data being present in the stream (it uses dynamic index size from 9 to 12 bits, code 256 means decoder reset and code 257 means end of stream).

Each frame consists of raw frame data compressed with LZW and with pixel value 0 used for transparent pixels (or unchanged pixels in delta frames) and pixel value 1 is used for pixels that should reuse the original background. In version 1 of the codec the first frame serves as the original background for the rest of the video, in version 2 there is no background stored in the video, those files are supposed to be partially transparent animations rendered over game scene.

Games Using IPMA Animation