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This codec uses FastLZ, LZF and ZLIB.

Codec: http://file.xrowcc.blog.shinobi.jp/igcodec100.zip


  • High speed (IGC1, IGC2)
  • High compression (IGC3, IGC4)
  • High quality (UYVY)
  • Lossless compression
  • Input / output correspondence format "RGB32" "RGB24" "YUY2" "UYVY"
  • Compression processing, difference processing, RGB ⇔ YUV conversion processing

FourCC Specifics

  • IGC1: Speed ​​priority
  • IGC2: Speed ​​priority (Zero Remote only [key frame absent])
  • IGC3: Compression priority
  • IGC4: Compression priority (ZeroRemote only [no key frame])