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The ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 "Joint Photographic Experts Group" (JPEG) is a Working Group (WG1) of the SubCommittee (SC29) "Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information" of the "Joint Technical Committee 001: Information Technology Standards" (JTC1) and standardized:

Part 1 - The basic JPEG standard, which defines many options and alternatives for the coding of still images of photographic quality
Part 2 - which sets rules and checks for making sure software conforms to Part 1
Part 3 - set up to add a set of extensions to improve the standard, including the SPIFF file format
Part 4 - defines methods for registering some of the parameters used to extend JPEG 
Part 1, Core coding system (intended as royalty and license-fee free - NB NOT patent-free)
Part 2, Extensions (adds more features and sophistication to the core)
Part 3, Motion JPEG 2000
Part 4, Conformance
Part 5, Reference software (Java and C implementations are available)
Part 6, Compound image file format (document imaging, for pre-press and fax-like applications, etc.)
Part 7 has been abandoned
Part 8, JPSEC (security aspects)
Part 9, JPIP (interactive protocols and API)
Part 10, JP3D (volumetric imaging)
Part 11, JPWL (wireless applications)
Part 12, ISO Base Media File Format (common with MPEG-4)