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The ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 "Joint Photographic Experts Group" (JPEG) is a Working Group (WG1) of the SubCommittee (SC29) "Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information" of the "Joint Technical Committee 001: Information Technology Standards" (JTC1) and standardized:

  • ISO/IEC IS JPEG|10918-1 | ITU-T Recommendation T.81 - JPEG
    • Part 1 - The basic JPEG standard, which defines many options and alternatives for the coding of still images of photographic quality
    • Part 2 - which sets rules and checks for making sure software conforms to Part 1
    • Part 3 - set up to add a set of extensions to improve the standard, including the SPIFF file format
    • Part 4 - defines methods for registering some of the parameters used to extend JPEG
  • ISO/IEC IS 11544 | ITU-T Recommendation T.82 - JBIG
  • ISO/IEC 15444 | ITU-T Recommendation T.800 JPEG2000
    • Part 1, Core coding system (intended as royalty and license-fee free - NB NOT patent-free)
    • Part 2, Extensions (adds more features and sophistication to the core)
    • Part 3, Motion JPEG 2000
    • Part 4, Conformance
    • Part 5, Reference software (Java and C implementations are available)
    • Part 6, Compound image file format (document imaging, for pre-press and fax-like applications, etc.)
    • Part 7 has been abandoned
    • Part 8, JPSEC (security aspects)
    • Part 9, JPIP (interactive protocols and API)
    • Part 10, JP3D (volumetric imaging)
    • Part 11, JPWL (wireless applications)
    • Part 12, ISO Base Media File Format (common with MPEG-4)