Humongous CUP

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Data Format

Multi-byte numbers may be little or big endian

 bytes 0-3    chunk type FourCC
 bytes 4-7    chunk size (including this 8-byte preamble); big endian
 bytes 8..    chunk payload

Chunk Types

BEAN: file signature

HEAD: contains 10-byte payload including unknown 16-bit quantity and 32-bit width and height stored as little-endian

RGBS: palette triplets; payload should be 0x300 (768, 256x3) bytes long; values range from 0..255; must be a constant length since it has no provision for palette replacement

SFXB..WRAP..OFFS: apparently a setup for audio data

DATA: audio or video data; audio data is 8-bit, unsigned PCM

BLOK: video data block?

SRLE: apparently the video compression type, possibly based on lzss.c

SNDE: reference into audio data?