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== Video Format ==
== Video Format ==
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  • Extension: hnm
  • Company: CRYO Interactive Entertainment
  • Samples:

HNM6 is the latest variant of HNM video format by Cryo. Unlike its previous versions, it has Hi-color video support.

File Format

File consist of a main header, followed by frame chunks. Each frame chunk consist of individual audio and video chunks. All numbers are little-endian.

u8   sig[4]           -- file signature, "HNM6"
u8   reserved[3]
u8   bpp
u16  width
u16  height
u32  filesize
u32  frames
u32  reserved2
u32  maxbuffer        -- max buffer size (typically 0x20000)
u32  maxchunk         -- max frame chunk size
u8   note[16]
u8   copyright[16]    -- "-Copyright CRYO-"

Each frame chunk begins with u32 chunk size (including this size field), then followed by individual chunks:

 u32  chunksize       -- chunk size including this field, excluding padding
 u16  chunkid         -- TWOCC chunk id
 u16  reserved
 u8   data[]
 u8   padding[]       -- pads chunk to 4-byte boundary

AA Chunk


BB Chunk

Audio continuation.

IX Chunk

Video frame.

Video Format