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HNM is a multimedia format used in almost every computer game by CRYO.

During it's lifetime, format has been changed at least 6(+1) times.

  • HNM (0) aka HNM Zero. Used in debut Cryo' games - Dune (floppy version) and KGB to display animated Cryo logo. Uses typeless chunks and single rotated palette for the whole movie. No sound.
  • HNM (1) Improved version, with typed chunks, dynamic palettes and (optional) soundtrack.
  • HNM4 First version, where HNM tag explicitly written in the file header. Used in many games released during 1995-1997.
  • HNM4 (A) Hi-resolution format spin-off, used in ALIENS game. While all file tags indicates genuine HNM4, interframe (de)compression is not compatible.
  • UBB Another hi-resolution spin-off, first appeared in MegaRace 2 game. Same file structure as in HNM4, but completely reworked codec.
  • HNM6 Finally, movies comes in hi-color. Based on JPEG compression.
  • Currently, Kheops Studio uses HNM-successor called KSV to carry XviD-encoded FMVs.

This forum discusses the coding algorithms used in the format:

Games Using HNM