FFmpeg distribution status

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FFmpeg distribution packages are often incomplete or crippled. Oftentimes they are not crippled, but people claim they are. This page tries to track the status of FFmpeg in distributions to clear up this confusion and provide a quick overview of the situation.

Gentoo (unverified)

Gentoo packages are not crippled in any way.

Ubuntu (unverified)

Ubuntu ships uncrippled FFmpeg packages in universe. FFmpeg is not available on the install DVDs.

Debian (unverified)

Lenny packages are crippled and have some encoders disabled. Squeeze packages are uncrippled.

Fedora / Red Hat (unverified)

Fedora does not have any sort of multimedia in their repositories, except for the Xiph kind. FFmpeg and other packages are available from the livna repositories.

OpenSUSE (unverified)

The status regarding OpenSUSE is unknown. Supposedly they ship no FFmpeg packages, users need to get them from packman instead.