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This page is for discussion regarding the reworking of the FFmpeg audio API to accommodate the requirements needed for today's audio codecs.

Features needed

  • Generalized downmixing (SIMD optimized)

Users should be able to set their own downmix coeffs.

  • Codec setable downmixing coeffs:

The codec should be able to set and update the coefs during runtime(dca supports that feature, maybe ac3 also).

  • Output channel request function (ie, request a specified number of channels, default should be >2 channels mapped to 2 channels).
  • Channel reordering, currently there are diffrent orders depending on the codec.
  • Simd optimized interleaving
  • Allow planer output, (don't duplicate interleaving code in every codec)
  • Add support for other bitdepths then 16bits (ie 24/8/32/float)
  • Ability to access one channel from a multichannel stream

Feature wish list

  • Add a better FFT routine. (Would the KISS implementation be a good candidate?)
  • Fixed point MDCT/FFT implementations
  • Custom audio filter support. (Basing it on the video filter API ideas?)

Current ideas

Thread with previous discussions in the subject. The thread has several ideas already implemented.