FFmpeg Wishlist

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A temporary FFmpeg wish/todo list:

  • implement seeking in flv files
  • improve flv demuxer, print name of missing codec support
  • improved documentation (web,manpage)
  • implement support for aac in rm demuxing
  • improve ac3 encoder (implement block switching)
  • implement radix-4 fft routines
  • implement iff demuxer (with anim and sound decoding)
  • clean up alac decoder
  • implement dts in wav support
  • implement raw dts support
  • implement Bethsoft VID demuxer/decoder
  • implement proper piping
  • clean up the building process so muxers and demuxers can individually be disabled
  • clean up this patch enough to commit it [1]
  • implement flv v1.1 metadata muxing, look at http://inlet-media.de/flvtool2 for more info
  • implement grabbing from video devices under windows
  • implement a Monkey's Audio decoder, look at the c++ sdk sources
  • implement a JPEG2000 decoder


  • multiple reference frames improvements
    • decide which frames to keep (e.g. long-term refs)
    • some changes to the mv prediction code
  • non translational motion compensation
    • estimate non translational parameters per block by using surrounding motion vectors
    • add a ac coded bit per block to switch between translational and non-translational MC
    • borrow the non translational MC code from libmpcodecs/vf_perspective.c
    • some changes to the encoder to decide between translational and non t.
  • Trellis quantization (select quantized coefficient so as to minimize the rate distrortion
  • 4x4 sized block support (we have 16x16 and 8x8 currently)
  • 1/8 pel motion compensation / estimation support (pretty much just encoder changes needed which in case of the iterative me should be trivial)
  • improve the intra color decision