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* [https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue?%40&%40columns=title&%40columns=topic&id=&%40columns=id&%40columns=activity&%40sort=activity&%40columns=priority&%40group=priority&type=2&status=1&%40columns=substatus&%40pagesize=50&%40startwith=0&%40action=search Feature requests marked as "new"]
* [https://roundup.mplayerhq.hu/roundup/ffmpeg/issue?%40&%40columns=title&%40columns=topic&id=&%40columns=id&%40columns=activity&%40sort=activity&%40columns=priority&%40group=priority&type=2&status=1&%40columns=substatus&%40pagesize=50&%40startwith=0&%40action=search Feature requests marked as "new"]
* Below in this page (mostly deprecated items)
* Below in this page (mostly deprecated items)
See also the discussion about [[Ffmpeg audio api|Audio API]] TODOs.

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The various desired features for FFmpeg can be found in the following pages:

Also, other features requests can be found in:

See also the discussion about Audio API TODOs.

Old list

The following is deprecated, please do not add new items to this list, use instead the issue tracker. Also, send a message to the mailing list before implementing one of those items. They could be work-in-progress or not wanted anymore.

Moving any of these items to a proper feature request in the issue tracker is welcome.




  • DVB (MPEG-TS) muxer inside DVB containers
    • MPEG-1/2 video-streams inside DVB containers
    • MPEG-4 ASP video-streams inside DVB containers
    • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video-streams inside DVB containers
    • AC3 audio-streams inside DVB containers
      • Mutiple AC3 audio-streams inside DVB containers
    • MP3 audio-streams inside DVB containers
      • Mutiple MP3 audio-streams inside DVB containers
  • NSV muxer
  • NSA muxer


  • Create a new audio API system
  • Grabbing from video devices under windows
    • Apply this VFW capture patch
    • Create a DirectShow patch
  • -[h|v]flip options for ffplay
  • Improved exition documentation and add additional means to document
    • Web
    • WIKI
    • manpage


  • Clean up the h263 rtp patch.

Streaming Media Network Protocols

Streaming Media Network Protocols (client and server-side) improvements/enhancements and related ideas for new features/functions.

  • Create a common 'stream demuxer/parser library' for the client-side to receive input streams (and/or API for adding support for additional streaming formats?) - a LGPL'ed sub-library in FFmpeg with all stream demuxers/parsers gathered (similar to the libpostproc and libavutil). Call it "libstream" (or "stream" or whatever). Move FFmpeg's existing stream code there like HTTP and RTSP/RTP. This will help reduce future code replication by sharing common code, thus making it easier to add support for additional streaming formats. All togther making it super easy for audio/video players using FFmpeg to add all-in-one streaming support to their player.
    • Maybe use either MPlayer's "stream" library structure, LIVE555, cURL, or probebly the better libnms (from NeMeSi) as a base for such a common library?
  • Add support for additional streaming protocols (on the client side) and improve/enhance support for existing protocols:
    • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) client
      • plus a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) client support for HTTPS
    • UDP (User Datagram Protocol) client
    • RTSP - Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RFC2326) client
    • RTP/RTCP - Real-Time Transport Protocol/RTP Control Protocol (RFC3550) client
    • RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control (RFC3551) client
    • RealMedia RTSP/RDT (Real Time Streaming Protocol / Real Data Transport) client
    • SDP (Service Discovery Protocol) / SSDP (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) client
    • MMS (Microsoft Media Services) client
      • including the subprotocol mmsh (MMS over HTTP) and mmst (MMS over TCP)
  • FFServer (streaming server) updating and improving:
    • FFServer code hasn't been update for quite a while
    • Support for RTSP interleaved RTP media
    • RTSP over HTTP tunneling
    • SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) support
    • TLS (Transport Layer Security) support
    • SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) support
      • including tunnel SCTP over UDP
    • Per-asset accounting options
    • Profiling and performance improvements of the RTSP, HTTP and RTP server code
    • Streaming to clients like WMP 9, 10 and 11 is broken
    • MMS server streaming support in FFServer, (especially for Linux).

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