FFmpeg Summer of Code 2013

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FFmpeg Summer of Code Ideas List

Proposing Ideas

If you have a project idea please contact a developer first at the #ffmpeg-devel IRC channel on Freenode or via the ffmpeg-devel mailing list. A good source of ideas is the FFmpeg bug tracker.

When adding an idea follow this template for consistency:

Example Title

Description: A few sentences or a short paragraph describing the task.

Expected results: Bulleted list or paragraph describing what the student is expected to achieve.

Prerequisites: Skills or knowledge required by student.

Mentor: List mentor and backup mentor if there is one and contact info such as IRC name or email address.

GSoC Ideas

Libavfilter extension

Description: Libavfilter is the FFmpeg filtering library that started as a 2007 SoC project. It currently supports audio and video filtering and generation support.

  • This work may focus on porting MPlayer filters which are currently integrated through the mp wrapper.
  • For each port the student should verify that the new filter produces the same output and checking that the new integrated filter is not slower.
  • For more ideas read the GSoC 2011 libavfilter video proposal and trac libavfilter tickets.

Expected results: Write or port audio and video filters and possibly fix/extend libavfilter API and design.

Prerequisites: C coding skills, familiarity with git/source code control systems. Some background on DSP and image/sound processing techniques would be a bonus but is not strictly required.

Mentor: Stefano Sabatini (saste on IRC).