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* Specification: will be provided
* Specification: will be provided
* Samples: http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/real/AC-sipr/
* Samples: http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/real/AC-sipr/
Also see [[RealAudio sipr]].
Also see [[RealAudio sipr]] and [[Interesting_Patches#RealAudio_SIPR_.4016k_decoder_and_demuxer_by_Vladimir_Voroshilov|this patch]].

=== Speex Decoder ===
=== Speex Decoder ===

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Current Status

Not certain there will be a GSoC 2009. But we will list projects suggestions.

1st Tier Project Proposals

1st tier project proposals are project ideas that are reasonably well defined AND have a mentor volunteered.

S/PDIF muxer

  • Implement a muxer capable to mux:
    • DTS, all 3 packing modes and the usable HD extensions
    • AC3, eAC3 also
    • MLP
    • PCM
    • WMApro
    • AAC
    • Mpeg-audio, layer 2 and 3

Mentor: Benjamin Larsson

Flash Screen video 2 codec

  • Implement a flashsv2 decoder and encoder. And extend the current flashsv encoder to support optimal 2-pass encoding.

Mentor: Benjamin Larsson

2nd Tier Project Proposals

All that separates these proposals from their 1st tier brethren is a mentor.


  • Port MPlayer's libvo to ffplay
  • Note that this does not just mean to produce a working hack so that ffplay can use xv, but a clean and acceptable wrapper for (most of) libvo.

H264 Parser

  • Extend the H264 parser to correctly output timestamps for samples containing PAFF encoded fields: This should fix transcoding this sample

GStreamer input

  • Like we have vfw input we could have a gstreamer input format also. This would enable support of wmapro and wmalossless until these formats are RE'd.

AMR-WB Decoder

Also see AMR.

GSM Decoder

Also see GSM.

Sipr Decoder

Also see RealAudio sipr and this patch.

Speex Decoder

Also see Speex.

i263 Decoder

AMR-NB Encoder

Also see AMR.

VP6 Encoder

WMV3 Encoder

  • Clearly defined task
  • Primary goal: Encode video sequences such that they can be decoded by a Windows Media player.

This could either be done by improving this patch or by writing the encoder from scratch.