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== Release Process==
== Release Process==
* Create a tag/branch in SVN
* Do NOT create a branch in SVN
* Get source code
* Get source code
* Create tarball
* Create tarball

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Ideas and suggestions concerning FFmpeg software releases.

Things that need doing

  • Fix DV regression tests on PPC
  • Approximately 95% test coverage in FATE.
  • Add an API/ABI changelog

Release Criteria

  • make test passes.
  • FATE test coverage passes for all platforms of interest.
  • All 'important' bugs reported in roundup fixed/closed.
  • No half-implemented functionality that may break existing user apps.
  • Endurance/memleak testing on film-length files.

Rationale for releases

  • Provide endorsed snapshots for external software developers to develop against
  • Avoid sitation where external software developers using SVN head when head has transient limitations.
  • Discourage external software developers using ancient snapshots that we don't support.

Release Process

  • Do NOT create a branch in SVN
  • Get source code
  • Create tarball
  • Checksums?
  • Upload to ffmpeg.org
  • Update website
  • Who needs to be notified?